Star Wars Outlaws Has Left Me With Mixed Thoughts After Recent Previews

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The Ubisoft Open World Formula Plagues Outlaws!

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  • Despite the game’s stunning visuals, I am concerned that the open world of Star Wars Outlaws might feel empty.
  • It risks becoming a collection of existing mechanics from other games rather than creating its distinct Star Wars experience.
  • So far, The gameplay feels unoriginal, with mechanics familiar to other Ubisoft releases.

Star Wars Outlaws is a big deal for the series, being the first true open-world Star Wars experience. Exploring one of the richest universes in entertainment is incredibly exciting, without a doubt.

However, with only two months left until its release, there are worries about how well the open-world mechanics will work, and the previews are not looking good. Although the game offers a lot, some parts appear too much like the usual Ubisoft open-world formula, making them seem generic and uninspired.

Why it matters: While the game’s visuals look stunning and Uncharted-like, it would be a shame to explore its open world with massive areas feeling empty.

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws faced a lot of controversy due to Kay Vess’ character design.

The Classic Ubisoft Open-World Formula

Ubisoft has a strong background in open-world games, from Assassin’s Creed to Far Cry. These titles are known for their vast worlds packed with activities, and Star Wars Outlaws follows suit. It features iconic locations such as Tatooine, Akiva, and Kijimi, each offering unique environments and challenges.

However, my main concern arises here. During Ubisoft Forward’s June event, they showcased the game’s mechanics, highlighting space battles, dealings with crime syndicates, minigames like Sabacc, stealth gameplay, and more.

Despite this detailed preview, how these elements blend into a seamless experience remains uncertain. Knowing the infamous Ubisoft open-world formula,” I’m concerned Star Wars Outlaws will be the same.

The studio’s open-world titles, while rich in content, suffer from pacing issues due to an overwhelming amount of activities and a convoluted leveling system. Fans have been vocal about their concerns, and Ubisoft has a chance to get things right this time.

The game could change how the open-world genre is seen in the Star Wars universe. It explores the criminal side rather than the usual Jedi and Sith stories, offering a new narrative approach.

However, it must steer clear of checklist-driven content and deliver a truly immersive exploration adventure.

Star Wars Outlaws
The game’s world is beautifully designed with detailed locations that feel true to the Star Wars universe.

Generic Gameplay Elements

Looking closely at the most recent gameplay, I feel like I’ve played Star Wars Outlaws a million times before. That’s how generic the gameplay feels to me.

The lockpicking mini-game, for example, feels like a standard feature I’ve seen several times, lacking innovation. Similarly, the combat system, though functional, doesn’t seem to introduce anything new.

The gunfights and blaster abilities are well-done but familiar, reminiscent of mechanics from other action-adventure titles. While the missions shown in the gameplay video seem enjoyable, they strongly resemble mechanics seen in other Ubisoft releases.

For example, the stealth mechanics involve sneaking past enemies and taking them down, similar to Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry. Similarly, the space combat and dogfights, while a new feature, don’t appear significantly different from those in Star Wars: Squadrons and Starfield.

My concern is that Star Wars Outlaws might not have a unique identity. While it borrows from successful franchises, there’s a risk it could end up as a collection of existing mechanics rather than carving out its own unique space.

This would be a missed opportunity for such a beloved and massive IP like Star Wars.

Star Wars Outlaws
From the early previews, the combat doesn’t feel unique at all.

Missed Opportunity?

Despite my concerns, Star Wars Outlaws has several genuinely impressive aspects. The game world is expansive and beautifully designed, featuring detailed locations that seem faithful to the Star Wars universe.

A standout feature is the seamless transition between ground exploration and space travel. This leads to a more immersive experience where players can seamlessly hop into their ship and journey to different planets without interruptions.

The game also offers a story-rich experience, where choices influence the plot and the player’s relationships with various factions. However, it seems like Ubisoft hasn’t really learned from its mistakes.

The developer’s open worlds are known for their abundance of collectibles and side missions, and Star Wars Outlaws seems to embrace this approach.

There’s a risk of these elements becoming repetitive and overshadowing the main story. Previews indicate these side activities are crucial, impacting faction interactions with the player.

Yet, without careful execution, they might feel like filler rather than enriching gameplay. As much as I want to immerse myself in this universe, I hope the final release balances drawing inspiration and introducing fresh ideas that stay true to the Star Wars legacy.

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