Star Wars Outlaws Director Says Space Is Full of Things To Explore

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Ubisoft Aims To Nail Star Wars Space Gameplay!

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  • Star Wars Outlaws has received new details in an interview.
  • The creative director states that space will be full of various points of interest.
  • It will offer plenty of opportunities for exploration.

Ubisoft is tackling all parts of the Star Wars fantasy in its latest release. Star Wars Outlaws is said to be the most detailed game this IP has seen yet, and a new interview outlines how this detail extends beyond the planets.

The game contains space exploration as Kay Vess takes to outer space on her ship. According to the game’s director, space will not be empty, offering plenty of exploration opportunities.

Why it matters: Space exploration is not frequently found in AAA games, so Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft have a major opportunity on their hands to cater to fans who enjoy venturing into outer space.

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During a recent interview with Game Informer, the creative director of Star Wars Outlaws, Julian Gerighty, talked about things players can do while flying the ship through spaces in the game.

He said that he wanted that part of the game to be fun and didn’t want to make space an endless void since that would be boring. According to the director, Star Wars Outlaws’ take on space offers various things.


Every planet, we wanted to have an orbit around it with lots of different points of interest.

-Julian Gerighty

He states that activities in space will range from heart-pumping dog fights to curiosity-evoking exploration.

This could also mean that space may become a catalyst for more interesting quests throughout the adventure, making it more than just a backdrop for the biggest locations.

The creative director elaborated that the orbits of each of the planets or moons they developed are fully populated with different things to do to make this goal achievable.

Since they didn’t want to create an endless space, players can hyperdrive from the orbit of a planet to the orbit of another planet, making it an enjoyable experience without going too overboard.

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws Is Only 4 Months Away

Recently, it was also reported that Star Wars Outlaws is leaving the traditional open-world maps and is looking for more natural exploration, offering a distinctive experience from typical Ubisoft games.

Looking at all the details revealed by the team so far, we are excited about Star Wars Outlaws as it appears to offer a promising experience. The game might eventually end up as Ubisoft’s most unique release in the last few years.

The promise of exciting space exploration is indeed worth anticipating. Star Wars Outlaws will deliver this and much more once it releases on the 30th of August.

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