Pocketpair Partners with Sony To Promote Palworld Despite Xbox Exclusivity

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Palworld IP Expected To Expand Further Soon And Arrive On PS5!

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  • Pocketpair has joined forces with SME and Aniplex to create Palworld Entertainment Inc. to expand Palworld globally.
  • This collaboration seeks to expand Palworld beyond gaming, potentially into TV shows, movies, and other forms of media.
  • Palworld-themed merchandise, including trading cards and plush toys, will soon be available for pre-order.

Pocketpair has teamed up with Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) and Aniplex to boost Palworld’s global growth. Together, they’ve launched Palworld Entertainment Inc.

It’s important to note that the partnership is with SME, not SIE. However, both are subsidiaries of Sony Group. The partnership aims to expand Palworld to a franchise, potentially creating TV shows and movies based on this universe.

Why it matters: Palworld has been an Xbox exclusive since its early access launch. However, Pocketpair has teased a PS5 launch, and this partnership further suggests that a PS5 version is coming soon.

Palworld took the gaming world by storm, selling over 19 million copies.

One aspect of this collaboration is the launch of official merchandise.

Aniplex Online will soon reveal a range of Palworld-themed products for pre-order. This lineup will feature trading cards, plush toys, and more, bringing the IP into the world of physical collectibles similar to Pokémon.

Despite Palworld’s current exclusivity to Xbox, Pocketpair has been in discussions to bring the game to other platforms, including the PlayStation 5. However, the CEO believes the game won’t be able to run on Nintendo Switch due to technical difficulties.

Although Palworld isn’t on PlayStation yet, this partnership suggests future possibilities. The game’s community manager has hinted at a potential PS5 release, which could expand Palworld’s reach to more players.

A PS5 version is in the works, as hinted by the community manager.

The partnership with Sony goes beyond the game itself. Fans are thinking about the potential for a Palworld anime, which could rival Pokémon. This move into new media and merchandise marks a bold step in expanding the IP’s impact.

Palworld has already become a massive game. Since its early access launch this year, the game has sold over 19 million copies and made billions in profit.

Known for its unique charm as “Pokémon with guns,” the game has captured a wide audience, and the studio’s partnership with Sony will further boost its popularity. The game continues to attract players, with its recent content update shooting the player count by 700%.

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