New Report Points Towards Microsoft Prototyping Xbox Controller With Touchpad

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New Xbox Controller Incoming?

Microsoft’s Xbox controller has not seen a drastic design overhaul since the Xbox 360 generation. While PlayStation has made huge innovations with controllers over the last two generations, Xbox has only seen iterative changes.

However, this might be changing soon. A new rumor from Xbox Era leaker Nick suggests that Microsoft is currently prototyping a new Xbox controller with a touchpad

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Nick stated,

“They’re internally prototyping and even possibly In House testing a new Xbox controller with a touchpad and HD Rumble.”

The touchpad was introduced with the Dualshock 4 in 2013. PlayStation games like Ghost of Tsushima have made incredible use of the addition, but most third-party games do not take full advantage of the touchpad. 

Microsoft could be looking to implement its own take on the touchpad, possibly using it much more than Sony. Nick also heard that the alleged controller would include ‘HD Rumble.’

Current Xbox controllers utilize the ‘impulse triggers’ with rumble motors, but these are not as innovative as the Dualsense’s ‘haptic feedback.’ Given the reception of PlayStation’s Dualsense innovations, it would not be surprising to see Microsoft following suit with its controller at some point.

Recently, a patent was also filed by Microsoft. The patent shows a controller with an LCD screen, but Nick’s source suggests that Xbox will implement a touchpad for the next Xbox controller.

Xbox Controller Patent LCD
Image Shows Xbox Controller With LCD Screen Patent

As with any rumor, this information should be taken with a grain of salt unless Microsoft makes an official announcement.

If the rumor is to be believed, and the controller is currently being prototyped, fans might not see a proper implementation till the next generation of consoles in a few years. But an Xbox controller with new features and innovations might be worth the wait.

Do you like the idea of a touchpad for Xbox controllers? Would you utilize the feature if it was added? Share your thoughts below.

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