Xbox controllers are often considered the go-to and best controllers out in the market. Not only Xbox users but PC players prefer them too, mainly due to the ease of access they provide.

Though they don’t have flashy adaptive triggers or haptics like the PS5 controllers, something about the design feels right. There is a certain lack of features that Xbox users miss on the controllers, but Xbox fixes them with newer updates.

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Similarly, a feature that was neglected on the Xbox Series X/S controllers was input switching. Every time you need to switch the input, you will have to take out your TV remote and change the input through that.

This can be not very pleasant in most case scenarios. According to the latest Xbox update, Microsoft will eliminate the need for Xbox Series X/S customers to look for the remote control in the future. The Xbox controller may now be used to change the TV’s input signal. The HDMI-CEC interface is used for this feature.

The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles may now handle TV input from the attached TV, according to Xbox manager Larry Nelson. To utilize the Xbox controller to switch the input signal, an appropriate function may be selected in the HDMI-CEC settings of the consoles. Simply hitting the Xbox button on the attached controller is enough to convert from HDMI 1 (e.g., TV receiver) to HDMI 2 (console).

This is a convenient feature, and there is no explanation for why it wasn’t included in the console in the first place, as Sony had been doing it since their PS4. Microsoft generally has an excellent reputation for regularly updating its consoles and controllers’ firmware. Another neat feature is that Xbox controllers already have to turn the tv on and off along with the console just through your Xbox controller. It also has volume control, and now, with the addition of input switching, the need for the TV remote has become practically non-existent. 

In their last month’s updates, Microsoft also added a mapping option to the share button on your controller. These commands include accessing your achievements, managing your friend’s lists, keeping track of the volume, etc. Also, there are regular bug fixes. The latest and the previous generations of the Xbox controller take advantage of these updates.

Summing it all up, with their latest update, Microsoft has eliminated the requirement of a television remote and made their fan-favorite controller even better. Now you could sit on your couch, have a good time with your Series X/S, and not worry about the ever misplacing TV remote.

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