Xbox Sets Target To Achieve 3 Billion Gamers On Platform By 2030

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Combining Console, PC, Cloud, And Mobile Market!

A recent report estimated that nearly 3.7 billion people play video games, almost as much as half the world’s population. While the numbers are massive, Microsoft wants to reach a large chunk of this population soon.

A recent document from the Microsoft and Activision merger has revealed that Microsoft expects to reach 3 billion gamers by 2030.

Why it matters: Activision already has a massive impact on the mobile industry with games like Candy Crush and Call of Duty Mobile. Therefore, the biggest merger in the gaming industry is intended to progress this goal of reaching 3 billion gamers.

Microsoft 3 Billion Players
Source: EU documents

The document reveals Microsoft’s expectations for the coming years. It states:

“Today, 3 billion consumers play games, a number that the Notifying Party expects to reach by 2030.”

Considering Microsoft is looking to reach this figure in the next seven years, many new gamers are likely to join the industry by then. This should make the goal easier to achieve.

Over the last few years, 700 million users have become a part of the industry. If the gaming industry continues to grow at the same pace, it will have nearly 5 billion people by the end of 2030, and Microsoft hopes to reach around 60% of this audience.

Following the Xbox One generation, Microsoft is no longer solely invested in the console market. The gaming giant is focused on growing its user base across all platforms, combining console, cloud, and PC audiences.

The documents reveal that the mobile industry is now the largest in revenue. Therefore, Microsoft hopes to cement itself as a crucial part of the industry with IPs like Call of Duty and Candy Crush.

Furthermore, Phil Spencer wants to compete with Apple and Google, offering a separate app store on mobile devices.

In the coming years, Microsoft will likely increase efforts focused on the cloud and mobile gaming market.

Due to the wide availability of mobile devices, the platform will provide the perfect opportunity to bring millions of new gamers to Xbox and Microsoft. Cloud gaming infrastructure is also expected to make significant strides soon, further incentivizing users to play games through services like Xbox Cloud.

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