Analysis Firm Suggests Nearly Half Of The World Now Plays Games

Nearly 4 Billion Gamers In The World!

Everyone has their favorite video games, and most people have played a game at one point. Following the recent boom in the industry, games are more popular than ever, and a market report estimates that over 3 billion people around the globe play games.

This is an enormous number and accounts for nearly half of the world’s population. The number of gamers is also increasing at a great pace, as over 700 million additional users started playing video games in the last three years.

Why it Matters: The gaming industry relies on spending and engagement for continued growth. With more people enjoying games than before, it leads to the potential for high-quality titles in the future.

Top Console Countries
Source: Global Video Game Consumer

According to Global Video Game Consumer Market Overview, nearly 3.7 billion people now play games. This research is divided by region, country, and gaming platform and was conducted to find the actual consumption of the games.

The report also stated that the gaming industry made over $184.4 billion in revenue, and the mobile industry had the most impact on the amount of money. It made over $92.2 billion, nearly 50% of the total revenue.

Following mobile games, the console market came in second place and made over $51.8 billion, accounting for 28% of the total revenue. PC gaming came in last place, with around $38.2 billion.

Furthermore, the report also shared a chart that showed the top console gaming countries, and the US is leading the chart with over 100 million gamers worldwide. Japan secured the second position with over 20 million players.

It should be noted that many gamers use multiple platforms to play games, and the report tries its best to eliminate such results by identifying them. However, it is still impossible to eliminate each of them.

Nonetheless, it is great to see the gaming industry growing. Nearly half of the world now plays and enjoys video games, pointing to a bright future for the industry.

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