Nvidia Expected To Make $300 Billion From AI By 2027

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Nvidia Could Mint $300B In New AI Boom!

The free-to-use open AI tool ChatGPT has been available for users since November last year. With the introduction of a chatbot that AI powers, it has caught the attention of the whole world and is in high demand.

Nvidia is reported to benefit the most from this demand and is expected to make $300 billion by 2027. The main advantage of AI is its ability to handle complicated tasks.

Open AI tools like ChatGPT can be used to generate programming code. There is a chance that it will not be reliable, but making mistakes and correcting itself will prove to be a more efficient way of completing tasks than a human being.

The demand for AI and the success of open AI tools like ChatGPT have caught the attention of many big companies. Who are now eager to invest in this ever-growing market. Though not as famous as ChatGPT, other companies like Google have recently entered the AI market with “Bard.” At the same time, Apple is rumored to have come up with something similar, AppleGPT.

While using AI as an inexhaustible source for business opportunities might be exciting, developing and training AI tools like ChatGPT require a lot of computing power. This is where Nvidia steps in, as its AI-based dedicated graphics cards are currently the best in the market.

Thanks to the demand for AI-based tools, Nvidia has nearly tripled its value this year alone. It is expected to rise another 20% to reach $530 and total revenue of $300 billion by 2027.

These reported profit margins by analysts are undoubtedly ambitious, but the demand for AI has just started, and who knows how far it might go?

Nvidia is currently the most prominent leader in the graphics card market. Suppose the company could keep up with the demand for AI-based graphics cards like the Nvidia A100. Then it’s expected to generate huge profits that might exceed what the analysts believe.

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