Why Valorant Is More Than Just A Shooter: Tactical Depth

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  • Valorant paired the bomb-disposal shooter game with agents, which has turned out to be a phenomenal combination. 
  • This leads to incredible gameplay and teamwork, which are often satisfying to play.
  • This also allowed users to outsmart their opponents and make use of their abilities in creative ways.

Valorant has garnered a lot of praise but it is more than just a shooting game. Let’s find out how in this article.

Shooter With Agents

Many games revolve around the idea of users selecting various agents or characters that have their distinct abilities. These games include Overwatch 2, Apex Legends, Dota 2, LoL, and TF2. Using these abilities, you can choose to go about using different strategies. 

Viper Controller Wall and Orb Valorant
Valorant Gamplay (Image By Tech4Gamers)

However, Valorant paired the hero abilities with a first-person tactical shooter similar to Counter-Strike. This ensures that you use agents in the round-based economy system with bomb planting and disposal scenarios.

Agents Abilities

Valorant’s character abilities pose as a unique feat since it feels like playing CS2 but with added abilities. This makes up for interesting gameplay since there is more to the game than only eliminating enemies and engaging in activities regarding C4.  

While some agents have straightforward abilities, agents like Astra require lots of planning and skills to operate. Not only does her abilities take you away from the map, but also requires you to time them correctly in order to get the best results.

YouTube video

Similarly, Yoru is the perfect example of another agent that demands quite a lot of attention while playing. Its fake clone has been the talk of the town since it was released and requires you to use it at the right times to sway your enemies away from you.

Incredible Team-Work

All agents in Valorant are designed in a way that they’re beneficial in both solo and team plays.

Even the characters as simple as Sova, Cypher, Brimstone, and Sage are extremely fun to play because they lead to incredible teamwork. Sova and Cypher are best at gathering intel, that enables other team players to either push or hold the sites.

YouTube video

Apart from the smoke and molly, Brimstone has a stim beacon that enhances the movements of each team player that enters its range. Similarly, Sage is the ultimate team player because of its ability to revive and heal team members. 

Perfect Gameplay

Other than that, team players can use various agents and utilize their abilities in their favor allowing for incredible plays that would easily land them victory. For instance, Sova can throw its dart and gather the intel on the site early in the game.

Sage’s wall can block and accommodate team members that could hold until the enemy arrives. Viper and Harbor can deploy their walls in order to block other entrances. Chamber can hold an angle with its revolver earlier in the game, allowing for early kills.

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For pushing, Reyna can blind the enemies without blinding any other teammate, allowing the team to push with ease. Yoru can teleport way past the enemies without facing them directly due to his moveable teleporting ability and gather intel or get early kills.

Similarly, if characters with smoke are equipped, several teammates can collaborate to smoke various spots on the map, allowing for a much safer and coordinated push at a particular site. 

Satisfying Ultimate Abilities

Clove and Phoenix can also use their ultimate abilities to get a second chance even after dying. This can potentially lead to garnering extra kills that could also result in a victory for the team.

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Similarly, Sova, Raze, and Brimstone can inflict great damage within a certain radius, enabling players to eliminate multiple kills. Moreover, Gecko and Killjoy can cause enemies to freeze if they’re inflicted, which leads to easy eliminations.


The agents aren’t only limited to having various unique abilities but they also have their own distinctive footstep sound. With so many variations being brought into a bomb-disposal shooting game, it’s difficult to manage everything at once.

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This causes many players to fold when they are under high pressure, especially in competitive scenarios. Players who tend to master the agents and showcase their stress-management skills are often highly appreciated and looked up to.   

Most-Watched & Played FPS Game

Due to its popularity, it is the second most-played FPS game after CS2, raking in over 760,000 concurrent players. Additionally, it holds the number one spot for being the most-watched FPS game on Twitch, achieving over 25.9M hours watched. 

Most-Watched FPS Game (Image By Tech4Gamers)

This is also because of the outplay techniques Valorant provides which is fun to watch.

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