NFS Most Wanted Is One Of The Best From The Franchise

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Here's why NFS Most Wanted was one of the best games I played.

Story Highlights
  • The pink slip concept of acquiring your opponent’s vehicle by choosing two unknown options out of the three, adds an element of chance and fun. 
  • Extremely challenging police chase with faster cop cars and helicopters gives a sense of a real-life intense police pursuit that could last up to 20 minutes.
  • Additionally, the effects of the game give a sense of real speed with blurry backgrounds and light leaks.

Among the racing games, NFS Most Wanted still remains one of the best from the franchise. Let’s find out what factors make it the best.

Pink Slip Concept

The basis of Need For Speed Most Wanted’s storyline revolved around racing with the 15 blacklist opponents and after defeating them, you were given the options six options out of three were unknown. You could only choose two options out of these six.

One of the three unknown options contained a pink slip, allowing you to acquire your defeated rival’s vehicle. These vehicles gave you a significant advantage as they already arrived with better performance parts or unique customization.

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Most people couldn’t acquire the pink slip which led them to frustration since they missed out on an advantageous vehicle. This element of chance adds excitement and uncertainty to the game where people go to lengths to acquire the pink slips. 

Some people even found a trick to restart their console or their game on PC, enabling them to restart the race so they could choose the option they missed. Whereas others simply looked up the location of the pink slip on YouTube.

1-hour Long Chase

Unlike most racing games that focus on street racing or professional racing, NFS Most Wanted went beyond with an addition to enhanced police chase. Like its name, Most Wanted contains incredibly challenging pursuits, which can take up to an hour to evade. 

Long Chase

Police chases in this game are based on ten heat levels where the difficulty level increases progressively just like in the GTA series. Heat levels one and two consist of basic patrol cars elevating to more police cars joining with aggressive driving.

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Heat level three introduces faster cop vehicles along with roadblocks placed at several locations. These roadblocks contain police cars parked in a line with only a few spaces in between for you to escape. If you hit the cop cars, you’ll likely lose speed and momentum.

In heat level four, SUVs and undercover vehicles are deployed, and spikes are commonly placed on your route. These spikes could puncture your vehicle’s tires, causing you to lose control.

The fifth and above heat levels cause immense trouble for players as it throws police sports cars at you. A helicopter is also deployed in your way, which tracks you and informs the cops, enabling more cop vehicles to join in on your route.  

Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Players Facing Difficulty

Heavy Consequences

If the cops surround you and your vehicle comes to a stop, you’re busted and you receive an impound strike. Reaching the maximum number of impound strikes (usually three) can lead the cops to impound your vehicle, causing you to lose access to it.

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If you have the cash, you can repurchase your impounded vehicle from the impound lot but it is expensive to do so. Losing your hard-earned customized vehicles could lead you to losses in upcoming blacklist races as they require a faster car to win. 

Additionally, fines were imposed on you after you got caught, which significantly impacted your bank balance. Apart from fines, other cash penalties are imposed on you that depend on the heat level and the extent of the chase.

Evasion Techniques

Since your primary aim is to get rid of the cops if you’ve gotten into a chase, NFS Most Wanted helps you by providing you with breakable buildings to ease your evasion process. This comes in various shapes and forms.

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For instance, there is a Donut shop where you can ram into the breakable pillars to allow the huge Donut to fall and become an obstacle for cop vehicles chasing you. Similarly, you could lead the helicopter to a huge tire, causing it to crash and lose you. 

Sense Of Speed

The effects of this game add a cherry on top of the cake. The game has a vintage feel due to the yellow filter used. When you speed up, the background has a motion blur effect.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted
High-Speed Effects

When you boost, it leads to a light leak which gives a real sense of speed that is missing in most racing games today.

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