Counter Strike Dust 2 Looks Stunning In Bodycam Unreal Engine 5 Footage

Result Looks Photorealistic!

Counter-Strike is undoubtedly one of the most renowned FPS video games of all time. While Counter-Strike games have not been recognized for their visuals, a recent demo offers a glimpse of top-notch visuals for the series.

A talented YouTuber, Nic, has recreated Counter-Strike’s most iconic map in Unreal Engine 5. An extended clip of Dust 2 was shared recently and has caught everyone’s attention, with the result looking astonishing.

Why it matters: Unreal Engine 5 holds great potential for the future of gaming and development. However, the engine’s accessibility also allows smaller teams to use its features, and the Dust 2 remake is one example of the engine’s ease of access.

As seen above, Dust 2 has been transformed beyond recognition, with buildings and models appearing incredibly realistic.

The gameplay footage is so immersive that one could easily mistake it for real footage. Unreal Engine 5’s powerful capabilities have allowed for stunning lighting and post-processing effects.

The gameplay footage is shown from a body-cam perspective, reminiscent of Unrecord, which recently garnered attention for its life-like visuals. Unrecord is a tactical shooter utilizing a body-cam perspective based on the same engine.

Nonetheless, the body-cam perspective further adds to the realism of Nic’s work on the Counter-Strike map.

While the footage looks impressive, Nic managed to create this demo in just two weeks after learning Unreal Engine 5 just a month ago. This makes it even more impressive.

Unfortunately, the map will not be released as a fully-fledged playable demo. It was solely designed as a showcase for Nic’s portfolio, but the YouTuber is currently working on a new project that will be similar to the breathtaking Dust 2 footage.

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