Unrecord: New Tactical Shooter for PC with Ultra Realistic Graphics

Hands Down, The Most Realistic Game Ever Developed!

Unrecord is undoubtedly the most realistic shooter we have seen. Still, the release date is yet to announce. In the game, we put ourselves as a tactical police officers. The gameplay is all from the perspective of the body camera used by these law enforcement officers.

Unrecord boasts an unprecedented visual quality, showing the potential of the latest Epic Games graphics engine version: Unreal Engine 5. In addition to showcasing great visuals, this tactical shooter promises an immersive and narrative experience.

The studio indicates that we will find a system of complex dialogues, innovative game mechanics, hard moral dilemmas, and a unique shooting system.

Specifically, they compare the plot of Unrecord to that of a detective novel or thriller. This will make us investigate various criminal cases and face a varied cast of characters. Studios Drama recently published a gameplay video of the game, which you can see below.

As you can see in the gameplay, the game provides a photorealistic experience. It often feels like you’re watching a real Police officer in action. While you can notice some aspects that confirm that it is a game, while you play, it is evident that you will not be looking for what it is that does not fit.

In other words, immersion and realism are absolute. Now, if you combined this with virtual reality glasses, we would already be facing an unprecedented shooter in terms of authenticity.

Unrecord Gameplay

However, this is still an early version of the game. Nevertheless, we naturally believe that producing vast landscapes will require much work. In essence, it demonstrates that they exported real-world environments to the game via maps, which accounts for the realism it provides.

The release date of the game and the minimum and recommended requirements are yet to be announced. What do you think about this realistic new game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Sajjad Hussain
Sajjad Hussain
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