Valve has become a juggernaut in the PC gaming industry. Valve is no stranger to the PC gaming market, from various beloved classics like Counter-Strike to their renowned PC storefront. 

Despite Valve’s market share, the company has not been known to release products frequently. The Steam Deck was released not too long ago, in February, and Valve has seen massive success in the handheld gaming market since then. 

The last significant new video game release from Valve came from Half-Life: Alyx, a VR game based on the legendary franchise. Since then, Valve has not done much. However, Valve has now registered a brand new trademark titled Neon Prime. This has led to speculation about a future game from Valve.

Neon Prime Valve Trademark
Source: USPTO Report

The image highlights the categories that are intended for the trademark. It shows that computer and video game software are included in these categories. This could mean Valve is currently working on a brand new game IP.

As stated earlier, Valve is no stranger to established franchises. Games like Half-Life and Portal are among the finest offerings from the medium. A recent concept has also showcased the potential for a modern Half-Life release.

In recent years, Valve has stuck working with these IPs for new releases. However, a brand-new franchise could give the developer more freedom to explore new genres and styles of gameplay.

The trademark could also be related to an existing property from Valve. The company has been known to support its games for an extended team, and Neon Prime could be part of this ongoing support. 

Perhaps Valve is working on new anti-cheat software or additional tools for one of their franchises. The trademark does not reveal much information, making it difficult to predict the exact implications of this new information. Given Valve’s history in the industry, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

While news about a potential new video game IP sounds exciting, the Steam Deck continues to do wonders for Valve. The innovative handheld is capable of many incredible feats, including the ability to emulate Xbox 360 games. As a result of the Steam Deck’s success, Valve is currently in the spotlight all over the gaming industry. 

A potential new IP from Valve sounds promising, but not much is known about Neon Prime. Valve is undoubtedly working on something, but fans will have to wait for further information to learn about Neon Prime.

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