Stunning Unreal Engine 5 Uncharted Demo Proves The IP Needs To Return

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Uncharted Still Has So Much Potential!

Story Highlight
  • The last Uncharted entry came out many years ago.
  • A game developer has created an Unreal Engine 5 demo based on the IP.
  • While lacking the polish of Naughty Dog’s output, this demo serves as a reminder of the greatness this IP is capable of.

Uncharted became one of Sony’s most popular first-party franchises on the PS3. It received several new entries and spin-offs for about a decade, but Naughty Dog has been away from the IP since 2017.

Nearly eight years after The Lost Legacy, there are no signs of another Uncharted game despite the demand. However, a former MachineGames and Ubisoft developer has shown an Unreal Engine 5 demo that proves Naughty Dog needs to revisit the series.

Why it matters: There have been rumors that Sony may already be working on a remake or reboot based on Uncharted, but nothing has been announced yet.

YouTube video

Unlike most Unreal Engine 5 demos, Daniel Arriaga has shared a lengthy and detailed video showcasing the many parts of this demo. The developer named this project “Uncharted: For Old Times’ Sake,” his original adventure created in Unreal Engine 5.

It features different aspects fans have enjoyed in the past, like stealth, combat, cutscenes, and cinematic set pieces. Like other fan creations, this demo has no affiliation to the original Uncharted franchise and will not be launched publically.

However, it shows that Uncharted is still brimming with potential. The classic gameplay has more room to grow, and the banter between Naughty Dog’s charming characters never gets old.

As expected, the demo is missing various animations and a general sense of polish. However, being a project from a solo developer, the Unreal Engine 5 conversion is quite impressive.

For fans like us, this video is a stunning reminder of the excellence of Uncharted. Like others, we have high hopes of the franchise returning eventually, considering Bend Studio almost revisited it in 2020.

Uncharted Drake Fortune
Uncharted Originally Debuted In 2007

Daniel Arriaga has worked on games like Assasin’s Creed Valhalla in the past. He has also made a similar demo for IPs like Metal Gear Solid using Unreal Engine 4, and his latest work highlights the current passion for Naughty Dog’s beloved series.

Fans have been demanding remakes of the Uncharted trilogy, but Sony has yet to fulfill these demands. However, following recent rumors of a revival, we hope to see a comeback for this series soon.

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