The Xbox Game Pass service has taken the gaming world by storm. The value for money for the subscription has skyrocketed since new titles are added to Game Pass every month. Xbox Game Pass is quickly becoming a must-have subscription for all gamers, as it provides something for everyone at a reasonable price.

Moreover, EA plus is also included with Game pass Ultimate. However, Microsoft does not want to stop there, and it seems that Ubisoft plus will also be added soon to the game pass, and Game pass holders can have access to Ubisoft Plus similar to how they have access to EA plus.

Ubisoft Plus Joining Gamepass
“Throw it on gamepass” as per google translation, to which Ubisoft Replied, “Soon.”

Ubisoft Netherlands (Instagram Account) recently promoted their Ubisoft Plus subscription model and how it contains more than 100 games that subscribers to which they can get access to. Naturally, people in their comment section started comparing their subscription models to others like Game pass. They began asking questions if Ubisoft Plus would be part of the Game pass, to which Ubisoft’s official account replied, “Soon.”

It could be a misunderstanding, so take this news with a pinch of salt as nothing is official, but concerning the reply, it does appear that Ubisoft is considering joining Game pass in the future. Since Microsoft’s subscription currently includes EA Plus, it seems that Microsoft intends to merge everything into their library and become a destination where gamers can find any game in their collection.

Ubisoft Plus is now available for the PC platform, with over 100 games included in the subscription. Ubisoft also intends to introduce this service to consoles, starting with the Xbox One. Game pass Ultimate presently has over 100 games, and the addition of Ubisoft Plus would make it an even better deal than it is now. It’s not a great time to be in Sony’s shoes, as Microsoft continues to expand aggressively, making it much more difficult for Sony to gain any ground.

What are your thoughts on Ubisoft plus joining Game pass? Place your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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