Ubisoft Receives Backlash After Decision To Delete Inactive Accounts

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30 Day Warning Before Account Gets Deleted!

Ubisoft is best known for its work on games like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and more. The publisher has its digital store called Ubisoft Connect for users to buy publisher-specific games.

While the gaming giant has been subject to a lot of controversy in the past, a new decision has enraged gamers worldwide. According to a tweet from Twitter user AntiDRM, Ubisoft is deleting accounts that have been inactive for too long.

Why It Matters: Gamers have opted for digital purchases over the last few years. With big digital platforms like Ubisoft deleting accounts due to inactivity, users face the risk of losing their libraries.

Before deleting the account, the gaming giant sends emails to users saying that their accounts are suspended and will be deleted within 30 days after the email is sent.

Following controversy over the tweet, Ubisoft replied by saying that the deletion can be avoided if users click the ‘cancel account closure’ link in the email. The exact timeframe before Ubisoft deletes the account is unknown, but it is speculated to be between 2 to 6 years.

While the reason for the account deletion is unknown, the readers’ context mentions that Ubisoft may be required to delete inactive accounts under data collection laws such as GDPR.

Since then, Ubisoft has also received tons of backlash on social media over this decision.

Many have criticized Ubisoft for this decision, and some users have claimed that accounts should never be deleted due to the money spent by users.

Various Twitter users have pointed out that gamers can often take breaks for a year or two, and this does not warrant account deletion.

This scenario has also led to another discussion about the long-term preservation of games in the digital age. While physical media is losing popularity, digital games are often subject to similar policies, making them concerning for many users.

A recent study has also highlighted concerns about preservation, hinting nearly 90% of older games could be lost to time. Nonetheless, Ubisoft has shown no signs of changing course. The gaming giant has advised users to log in to their accounts if they receive a similar email.

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