At the 2022 Thermaltake Expo January Virtual Exhibition, Thermaltake, the leading PC DIY premium brand for Cooling, Gaming Gear, and Enthusiast Memory solutions, is excited to announce the launch of TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 Memory, the first DDR5 memory in Thermaltake’s RAM collection.

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Thermaltake’s RAM product line spans a broad range of possibilities, ranging from DDR4 2400 MHz to higher speeds of up to 5600 MHz for our DDR5 modules. Thermaltake continues to satisfy its users’ demands with the best possible products that technology can offer. However, Thermaltake is one of the first companies to realize the true potential of DDR5 modules and how as the world moves forward in the year 2022, the use and demand of DDR5 Rams will only increase.

This time combined with the newest TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 Memory, Thermaltake officially moves to a new chapter and officially joins the next generation of DDR5, which is a big step up from DDR4. These improvements are quite noticeable as it improves various sections such as Speed, Performance, latency, and Power management.

Being the first DDR5 memory kit in Thermaltake’s RAM collection, Thermaltake has paid great attention to ensure that their first introduction of DDR5 memory packs a lot of punch and hence the TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 memory comes with frequencies of 4800MHz, 5200MHz, 5600MHz, and provides quicker speeds and greater performance than the previous generation. With doubled bank group design, the new TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 boosts access availability and gives you larger capacities without latency, leading the road to next-gen memory where the new world is heading.

Additionally, the latest TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 Memory is compatible with Thermaltake’s CPU and memory AIO cooler series such as Floe RC and Floe RC Ultra Series, which allows consumers more choice to match with their PC designs and to ensure that the existing users of the said products do not have to make any additional changes or purchases in their current build.

The TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 Memory is projected to hit the retail shelves at the end of Q1 2022. Thermaltake claims that there is more to follow as DDR5 RGB memory – Thermaltake will introduce TOUGHRAM XG RGB once the initial launch is successful. Please stay tuned to the 2022 Thermaltake EXPO January Livestream for the latest information.

Features of TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 Memory:

Last but not least, Thermaltake has relieved the list of features that the new TOUGHRAM RC DDR5 Memory offers to the consumers, and it seems that Thermaltake is looking to take over the market with their latest release.

  • Built-in Power Management IC (PMIC) enhances power supply stability with low operating voltage.
  • On-die error-correcting code (ECC) provides improved stability and reliability.
  • Tightly-Screened ICs provide optimal frequency and performance
  • Aluminium heat spreader delivers exceptional heat dissipation
  • Real-time temperature, frequency and performance monitoring
  • Compatible with Floe RC & Floe RC Ultra series
  • Supports Intel® Core ™12th series CPU
  • Intel XMP 3.0 ready
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