Silverstone Extreme 850R Platinum Review: Size Doesn’t Matter

With its combination of Platinum efficiency, compact design, and reliable performance, the SilverStone Extreme 850R Platinum emerges as a standout option for users seeking a premium SFX PSU solution.

SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum Review

In-depth SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum review featuring Specification, Box Contents, Teardown, Component Analysis, Design, and Performance.

Silverstone PF360 ARGB White AIO Liquid Cooler Review

SilverStone PF360W ARGB White is a balanced cooling proposition from the manufacturer. It has adequate thermal performance, albeit at elevated noise output, and features stunning digital RGB lighting. Having a dedicated RGB Controller is a plus. This cooler should cover your daily use requirement easily with the capacity to handle overclocking, which is subject to the given CPU SKU and thermal load.

SilverStone iCEGEM 360 Liquid Cooler Review

SilverStone iCEGEM 360 is among the contenders for sTRX4/TR4 sockets. This cooler has full block coverage on the TR4 socket. This cooler is compatible with other sockets, including AMD AM5, but not Intel LGA1700. This cooler packs a beautiful diamond cut design on the pump’s housing and overall a good performance albeit loud fans. Digital RGB lighting makes it a complete package.

SilverStone VD240 SLIM Liquid Cooler Review

If you have a small-size PC Case that is space-constrained but still supports a 120mm or 240mm liquid cooler like SilverStone SUGO 14, then SilverStone’s VIDA 240 SLIM is no bargainer. We noted that despite carrying a premium price tag and a low warranty period, this cooler is not slim in thermal performance at an adequate noise level.

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