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SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum Review

In-depth SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum review featuring Specification, Box Contents, Teardown, Component Analysis, Design, and Performance.

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Powerful Punch In A Small Form Factor

Review Summary

The SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum PSU is a compact powerhouse delivering 1200W of reliable power in a space-efficient 150mm form factor. Its versatility is highlighted by 100% modular black flat cabling, providing flexibility in cable management. The PSU is well-suited for enthusiasts with space constraints, those requiring high power for performance builds, and users valuing the combination of trusted brands and compact design.

Tech4Gamers Editors Choice Award
Tech4Gamers Editors Choice Award
  • Value - 9.8/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Performance - 9/10
  • Future Proofing - 9.5/10


  • Cybenetics Certification
  • Compact yet Powerful Design
  • Versatile and Modular Design
  • Proven Performance and Efficiency


  • Fan Noise Under Heavy Loads
  • CWT Platform Has a Little Room For Improvement

In my extensive years as a reviewer, SilverStone stands out as one of the most reputable companies I’ve had the honor of working with. You can unquestionably trust their well-established reputation in the industry. Today, we’re reviewing another ATX 3.0 PSU from SilverStone. Notably, all of SilverStone’s latest ATX 3.0 PSUs seem to be certified by Cybenetics instead of 80 Plus, as exemplified by the Hela 1200R Platinum ATX 3.0 PSU they’ve sent over.

Despite its powerful 1200W output, the HELA 1200R impressively boasts a compact size, measuring only 150mm in length. It’s no surprise that SilverStone opted for a small platform, given their penchant for high-power-density PSUs. The CSZ platform from CWT, with its remarkable performance and a proven track record of reliability, powers this compact unit. It’s a platform trusted by several renowned manufacturers in the industry.

In addition to its petite form factor, the HELA 1200R Platinum features 100% modular black flat cabling, a single 600-watt 12VHPWR connection, and compliance with all Japanese electrolytic capacitors. This PSU also stands out for its versatile design. Priced at around $290, the Hela 1200R Platinum comes with a five-year warranty.

Key Takeaways

  • The SilverStone’s HELA 1200R Platinum PSU has a compact design, 1200W power, and versatile features. It is packed with trusted performance in a small footprint for enthusiasts seeking a balance of size and power.
  • The things I liked about the SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum are its cybenetics certification, compact yet powerful design, versatile and modular design, proven performance and efficiency.
  • The things I did not like about the SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum are its fan noise under heavy loads and its CWT platform has little room for improvement.
  • The SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum is a perfect fit for users who prioritize a high power output within a limited space and will appreciate the compact design of the HELA 1200R Platinum, offering 1200W of power in a 150mm form factor.



Packaging and Unboxing

Big and hefty as it is, the box offers sufficient protection. Included on the front are a picture of the PSU, a description of the model, an image of the 12VHPWR connection, and a PCIe 5.0 sign. Notably, the Cybenetics Efficiency badge is also prominently displayed. Silverstone is one of the only PSUs that are top-of-the-line certified and has strict certification in Cybenetics. The packaging is done admirably for the most part, featuring two layers of multi-layered black foam and polythene wrapping securely around the PSU.

Box Content and Cables

SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum - Neatly Arrangement of All the Cables (Image By Tech4Gamers)
Neatly Arrangement of All the Cables (Image By Tech4Gamers)

Upon opening the cover, you’ll find the Cybenetics Platinum certification, a multi-language manual, four mounting screws, as well as four velcro cable bands. All the cables are neatly arranged here. While the flat black cabling lacks sleeving, SilverStone emphasizes its flexibility. Once again, Silverstone opts for HCS terminals, enhancing the current capacity and making it more resilient to overload and damage compared to the standard mini-fit connectors.

Notably, the 24-pin, EPS, 12VHPWR, and 12v PCIe connectors utilize 16AWG wires. Featuring the new 12VHPWR connection capable of handling 600W of power, the PSU also includes two EPS connectors, as expected from a 1200W power supply. Fortunately, all the cables are sufficiently lengthy, providing flexibility and convenience in various system setups.


SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum - Triangular Top (Image By Tech4Gamers)
Triangular Top (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The compactness of the Hela 1200R Platinum becomes evident as soon as it is taken out of its package. This little powerhouse has the same dimensions as PSUs, with half the power coming in at the dimensions of 150mm x 86mm x 150mm. Featuring a distinctive triangular top and an open rear design facilitated by the beloved hexagonal exhaust, the Hela 1200R Platinum stands out visually.

The fan grille’s generously sized holes ensure ample ventilation. Equipped with a 135mm fan, which is the largest fan that fits into the compact chassis, it effectively handles thermal requirements while maintaining quiet operation when set to the appropriate speed profile.

One side is adorned with a prominent sticker proudly displaying the insignia of Cybenetics Platinum certification. The rear showcases an open honeycomb ventilation design, maintaining a somewhat simple appearance. Positioned just above the on/off rocker switch, there’s another button that toggles the semi-fanless mode. Overall, the Hela 1200R appears to be a high-end power supply unit, and thus far, there seems to be no cause for complaint.

Cable Connections

SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum - Cable Connections (Image By Tech4Gamers)
SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum – Cable Connections (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The modular cable input section initiates with the 24-pin ATX motherboard input, with its 6-pin sensing pins split into 24- and 8-pin connectors. Following this, two 8-pin EPS or PCIe connectors are present, along with two additional 8-pin connectors on the bottom line of inputs. On the bottom left, there are three SATA or peripheral inputs. Finally, at the center of the bottom row, you’ll find the 600-watt 12VHPWR connector.

With the inclusion of the 600W 12VHPWR connector, the number of connections is more than sufficient. Moreover, the spacing between the peripheral connections is more than ample at these dimensions. This thoughtful arrangement ensures flexibility and convenience in connecting various components.


SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum – Hong Hua Fan (Image By Tech4Gamers)

At its top, the Hela 1200R Platinum showcases a 120mm fluid dynamic bearing fan from Hong Hua Fan, with the model number HA13525H12F-Z. Known for longevity and whisper-quiet operation, this premium fluid dynamic bearing fan can easily surpass the PSU’s warranty period. Running at 12VDC, it has a rating of 0.50A and a maximum speed of 2,300 RPM. The fan boasts an impressive expected lifetime of 150,000 hours.

As I previously mentioned, the PSU includes a rear button for semi-fanless operation, activating the fan only under significant stress. However, caution is advised when using this mode due to the PSU’s small size, as it may lead to high temperatures. It is recommended to keep the semi-fanless mode turned off for prolonged use, allowing the fan to continue running and keeping the capacitors cool for an extended lifespan. This practice ensures that you maximize the PSU’s warranty duration and get the most out of its reliable performance.

Teardown & Component Analysis

SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum - CWT Platform (Image By Tech4Gamers)
SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum – CWT Platform (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The CWT platform employed in the Hela 1200R utilizes an APFC converter, a Half Bridge LLC resonant converter, DC-DC topology, and synchronous rectification, making it a popular choice due to its small size and cost-effectiveness. This ATX 3.0 platform, specifically the D04 version, is gaining popularity not only with SilverStone but also with other PSU brands. It has one of the best platforms of CWT, which can also be a little bit tuned up, which can even increase its performance 

SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum - DC-DC Converter (Image By Tech4Gamers)
SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum – DC-DC Converter (Image By Tech4Gamers)

The Hela 1200R impressively incorporates essential current protection features, including an APFC controller that provides overcurrent protection (OCP) and under voltage protection (UVP). OCP is appropriately set for the 12V and OPP, though the smaller rails have relatively high OCP settings, especially on the 3.3V rail.

Additionally, essential Over Temperature Protection (OTP) is present, as expected from a quality PSU. The compact interior design is noticeable, and while the small size may lead to increased internal temperatures, the unit effectively manages this with a robust fan curve. The inclusion of a fan controller powered by a Microchip MCU adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

EMI Shielding is correctly connected to the chassis ground, ensuring effective electromagnetic interference mitigation. The presence of three Infineon MOSFETs, a Sync Power for no-load scenarios, and an On Semi boost diode, all controlled by a widely used Champion CM6500UNX, contributes to the efficiency and smart design decisions.

The vertical positioning of the MOSFETs soldered onto the vertical PCB and directly connected to the main transformer optimizes efficiency and cooling capabilities, showcasing a thoughtful design approach. The inclusion of NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) and its bypass relay further enhances the unit’s performance.

Here, you can see a bank of bulk capacitors on the secondary side. Nippon-Chemicon, a leading Japanese company, is responsible for the primary bulk capacitor along with the rest. All of these are made with high-quality materials. There is a considerable need for capacitor banks due to ATX3.0’s high power excursion requirements.

The one and only issue is that the bulk cap doesn’t have enough capacity to provide a hold-up time of more than the 17ms minimum required by the ATX specification. Due to CWT’s compact design, there’s only enough space for a single bulk capacitor. I would like to see at least two capacitors with a capacity >1000uF, considering 1200W max output power.

It is pleasing to note that it has a 420V rating rather than the standard 400V. There is a significant shortfall with higher voltage ratings, particularly with 450V capacitors, but higher ratings provide better efficiency owing to reduced losses. A glimpse of the Metal-Oxide Varistor (MOV) for surge protection is observed, adhering to standard practices for safeguarding against surges. The implementation on the DC side aligns well with expectations, featuring synchronous rectification on the 12V rail and two DC-DC converters on the minor ones.

The unit showcases a comprehensive set of safeguards, with some exceptions, providing robust protection for reliable performance. In summary, SilverStone’s decisions in collaboration with CWT, the choice of components with long lifetimes, excellent efficiency, and a compact footprint, reflect a well-executed design strategy for the Hela 1200R power supply unit.

How Did We Test the SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum?

SilverStone HELA 1200R Platinum - Testing Setup (Image By Tech4Gamers)
Testing Setup (Image By Tech4Gamers)

At Tech4Gamers, we stand apart by taking a hands-on, practical approach to evaluating PSUs. Instead of relying solely on certifications or synthetic load testing, we put PSUs to rigorous real-life stress tests. Having said that, our custom PSU load tester, designed with high-density power MOSFET modules similar to those in reputable SunMoon/Chroma load testers, allows us to assess PSU performance accurately.

Our focus is on understanding the diverse demands and challenges that PSUs encounter in gaming systems. We evaluate aspects such as voltage regulation, efficiency, temperature performance, and noise levels to provide comprehensive insights into a PSU’s capabilities. This approach empowers users to make informed decisions when selecting a PSU for their specific gaming needs, whether it’s for a high-performance rig or a budget-conscious build.

PSU Load Testing

This PSU has power concealed in it’s every inch 

12V & Minor Voltage Rails Regulation

Loading up 12V rail at 20%, 50%, 80%, 90% & 100% and keeping minor rails that are 5V & 3.3V at constant 25W combined (as minor voltage rails don’t get that much stressed due to the fact that they are mainly responsible for powering HDD, SSDs, RAMs and other minor components on the motherboard and such components require less power compared to 12V rail which is responsible for powering the most demanding & power hungry components such as CPU & GPU)

Load in % 12V 5V 3.3V
20% 12.14V 5.04V 3.29V
50% 12.02V 5.04V 3.28V
70% 11.97V 5.03V 3.28V
90% 11.97V 5.03V 3.27V
100% 11.96V 5.02V 3.27V

Looking at the table, we can see that the Voltage Regulation on the 12V rail is very tight. This platform from CWT does seem to have the potential to compete against even expansive PSU offerings.

PSU Efficiency

PSU efficiency is crucial as it directly relates to wasted energy, both in Watts and heat. Wasted wattage numbers will have a huge impact on your yearly electricity bills, and wasted heat will contribute to the overall life expectancy of your PSU’s internal components, especially Capacitors. Looking at the table, we can see that the PSU efficiency is also quite satisfactory. 

Load in % Power Factor Efficiency
20% 0.959 92%
50% 0.980 93%
70% 0.984 93%
90% 0.986 93%
100% 0.989 92%

Voltage Ripple Performance

This test will evaluate how well a PSU performs in minor or extreme overclocking conditions. Better voltage ripple performance equates to an extremely well-built PSU with premium-quality components. PSUs’ output voltages are in DC (Direct Current). Technically, this DC signal should have an absolute 0 (zero) frequency (i.e., 0mV), but because this DC is getting generated from various steps whose main source signal is AC. Hence, there’s always some presence of AC voltage signal, called Voltage Ripple. Higher voltage ripples can significantly reduce the lifespan of electrolytic capacitors, as it can give you a tough time and many BSODs if you’re overclocking your system.

Load in % Voltage Ripple
20% 6mV
50% 16mV
70% 14.8mV
90% 15.9mV
100% 18.4mV

Looking at the table, the Voltage Ripple on the 12V rail is excellent. This PSU can be suitable for most of the overclockers.


While the maximum exhaust temperature may appear somewhat high, it’s important to consider that this reading is derived from the exhaust, indicating that the PSU fan is effectively expelling heat from the interior. The highest temperature was observed on the back of the PSU. This is attributed to the vertical daughterboard on the front side, housing the primary 12V MOSFETs, ensuring that the back of the PSU remains relatively cool. The design effectively manages heat distribution, contributing to the overall thermal efficiency of the PSU.

Should You Buy It?

After testing the HELA 1200R Platinum, the final question is, should you buy it?

Buy It If

✅You prioritize compact yet powerful PSUs: The HELA 1200R Platinum packs a punch with its 1200W output in a remarkably compact form, making it an excellent choice for those who seek high power density without sacrificing space.

✅Versatility in system configurations is essential: With 100% modular black flat cabling, a 600-watt 12VHPWR connection, and a design accommodating various setups, the HELA 1200R Platinum offers flexibility for diverse system configurations.

Don’t Buy It If

❌Fan noise is a concern: The HELA 1200R Platinum, though generally compact and efficient, may produce noticeable fan noise, particularly under heavier loads. If the silent operation is a top priority, alternative PSUs with quieter profiles might be worth considering.

Final Verdict

To sum up, is the SilverStone Hela 1200R Platinum ATX 3.0 PSU a component PSU that I can suggest? If you’re searching for a reliable power supply unit (PSU) from a well-established manufacturer, the Hela 1200R Platinum is an excellent choice. Despite its small dimensions, the Hela 1300R Platinum delivers respectable performance and reliability. It’s 150 mm in size, has a wide variety of high-quality components, an impressive low-load efficiency, a reputable OEM as a partner, the ability to switch between semi-passive and constantly spinning modes, and the quantity and quality of the connections are precisely as expected.

Notably, there are many things that are appealing about it. Channel Well Technology was a good partner for SilverStone’s HELA 1200R PSU. For high-end NVIDIA cards that need a 12VHPWR connection, this is an excellent power PSU. Still, it comes with more than enough 6+2 pin PCIe connections, so you can use it with high-end GPUs from AMD.

Despite this PSU being a little bit louder than the majority of its rivals, its tiny form factor is a contributing factor. Nevertheless, it operates quietly under light to moderate loads. Lastly, would I suggest you pick one up? Yes, absolutely, because it is one of the best value-for-money options available in the market.

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