Suicide Squad Season 1 Adds No New Story Or Mission Type

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Rocksteady's Live Service Plans Already Crumbling!

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  • Suicide Squad Season 1 is here, and it is as underwhelming as expected.
  • The new season failed to add new story elements or mission variants.
  • It introduces Joker, but the missions are mostly reskinned variants of previous missions.

Rocksteady Studios just dropped season 1 of Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, and the journey of disappointment continues. Following this content update, it has been noted that the new season fails to add story content and mission types.

Why it matters: The studio promised to release new seasons with more content and story to follow. However, despite the claims, season 1 doesn’t do anything new apart from the addition of the Joker.

Joker from Suicide Squad Season 1
The Elseworlds Joker From Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

According to a ResetEra thread, those who have played season 1 have nothing good to say about it. There were three main mission types originally present in the game, and the same is the case now.

However, you still have to grind a few hours to attain the new character. This leads to unsatisfying rewards after the grind, leading to less-than-stellar responses from the community.

Many fans of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League are beginning to lose hope. Even the most hardcore players are no longer too positive about the game, and we certainly would not be shocked if Rocksteady cut support early.

Was a champion of this game. Fuck it now.
byu/Atlas15264 inSuicideSquadGaming

Datamines and leaks showed that there would be an additional story, and people were hoping to see that with season 1. But now it seems that the wait will have to last till the next season, which doesn’t come out until July.

Suicide Squad: Kill is the Justice is by far Rocksteady’s worst-rated release. The game has also lost most of its players, so fans are now asking whether it has any life left in it for the next seasons.

It is such a shame to see a studio of Rocksteady’s caliber losing its reputation. The team was behind the best superhero games ever made after it introduced the Arkham series.

As a successor, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League fails to live up to this IP. Shifting to live service from single-player has been nothing but disastrous.

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