Steam Continues To Reign Supreme As Best PC Launcher

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Steam Remains the King of PC Gaming!

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  • Steam offers player-friendly features unavailable elsewhere, such as Remote Play, Family Sharing, Big Picture, and easy refunds.
  • The platform lets players create unique profiles with personalized showcases, avatars, and backgrounds.
  • Steam has the most active and engaged gaming community.

Over the past few years, numerous PC gaming launchers have emerged. Epic Games crashes onto the scene, promising freebies and exclusives. Ubisoft and EA try to keep us locked into their ecosystems, and GOG valiantly waves the banner of DRM-free gaming.

Through it all, one question echoes across countless online forums: is it time to ditch Steam? My opinion? Not a chance. Steam isn’t just a game launcher; it’s practically a thriving digital nation.

Even in 2024, the launcher remains the uncontested top dog, recording 34 million concurrent users this year.

Why it matters: Both gamers and developers have a great fondness for Steam. It was recently revealed that over 500 games made more than $3 million in revenue on the platform last year.

Steam remains the undisputed king of PC gaming launchers.

The Steam Community

Gaming is a blast when you are not alone. Epic Games might throw in freebies now and then, but nothing beats the Steam community’s vibe and size.

Looking for teammates for an online session? Just hit up the game’s hub. Want to drool over spectacular screenshots or chat about the latest updates? Steam’s got the most devoted players.

Want to make your beloved RPG look like a potato run by Picasso? Welcome to the Workshop. With busy forums, entertaining reviews (both insightful and hilarious), and tons of guides, it feels like home in a way other platforms can’t match.

Of course, like most communities, the Steam community can be toxic. However, those passionate voices are also part of what makes Steam feel so alive.

Steam Community
Steam community is a wild west of player interaction, for better and worse.

Profile Customization

Steam gets that gamers are more than just random names. Our profiles reflect who we are as gamers, and Steam lets us show off our personalities in several ways. The featured showcases are the best part of this customization.

I have the freedom to show off my best screenshots on my profile and proudly display my artwork for different games. Steam’s personalization goes way beyond showcases. The Points Shop is a treasure trove of goodies to deck out your profile. 

I can grab cool backgrounds and avatars from the biggest titles. Plus, there are a ton of game profiles and effects to jazz up my profile. It might take some saving up points, but it’s worth it because it makes my profile unique.

Steam Profile Customization Options
The launcher’s commitment to profile customization sets it apart from its competitors.

User-Friendly Features

Steam provides unique features that are not available on any other gaming launcher. Sure, the sales are legendary but features like Remote Play Together enable couch co-op even when miles apart.

The platform recently underwent a huge UI overhaul and introduced more features like Family Sharing. This option allows users to share their library with five friends from the same region. I have yet to see that feature offered by any other launcher.

Then there is Steam Support, which offers seamless refunds. I can safely buy any game, and if it doesn’t run well on my system, I can refund it within 2 hours of playtime.

Refunds take some of the sting out of buying a dud. Compared to certain other launchers with a barebones approach, Steam feels… functional. Furthermore, Steam’s “Big Picture” mode is truly a game-changing feature.

Sometimes, you just want to kick back and play PC games from the comfort of your couch. The Big Picture Mode is my go-to for this. I love the streamlined, controller-friendly interface. It lets me browse, launch, and play my favorite titles without ever needing to touch a mouse or keyboard.

Steam Families
Family Sharing is one of many great features offered by Steam. (Image by Valve)

Steam vs Epic Debate

Some people like Epic more than Steam, which is mind-boggling. Sure, getting a free game every week on Epic is tempting. But let’s be real – freebies can’t replace a launcher packed with features.

Epic launcher is improving, but it feels basic, as if they just added a store to the mix. Steam’s profile customization, incredibly useful remote play features, family sharing, and beautifully detailed playtime statistics are where true value lies.

I’d happily pay for those conveniences rather than get stuck with yet another half-baked storefront trying to buy my loyalty with giveaways of games I might not even want.

Epic Games Store
Epic Games Store Has Given Away Entire Franchises For Free

It Just Feels Like Home

In the end, maybe it’s not about big changes since familiarity matters. I know my way around Steam, how to tweak settings, and who to trust (or not) in the reviews. It’s convenient, which often beats the appeal of a new launcher missing half my games.

Will there ever be a real challenger to Steam? Time will tell. But for now, despite its flaws, Steam stays a reliable part of PC gaming. It’s my messy, bloated, sometimes frustrating gaming home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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