Starfield ESRB Rating Hints At Microtransactions

Creation Club Potentially Returning For Starfield!

Bethesda Game Studios is finally gearing up to show more Starfield gameplay in just over a month. This will be the first major appearance for the game since 2022, and expectations are through the roof for the epic space RPG.

Recently, the ESRB rated the game, revealing aspects like violence and drug use. The ESRB has now elaborated on this rating, with the latest information pointing toward microtransactions for Starfield.

Why it matters: The gaming industry has a rocky relationship with microtransactions. Many are not fond of selling additional items in full-priced games, but others believe microtransactions do no harm.

Starfield ESRB Microtransactions
Source: ESRB

The rating page states:

“In-Game Purchases(PC,Xbox Series)”

Games that include this point from the ESRB usually come with microtransactions in some form. These may be limited to different currencies that can be bought, cosmetic items, battle passes, and more.

However, Starfield’s implementation is still a mystery. Bethesda Game Studios has previously introduced the creation club for games like Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls 5, serving as a store with its currency.

The creation club includes content like cosmetic items, gameplay additions, and more. Bethesda approves these items and can also be developed with third parties.

As such, the creation club will likely return for Starfield. Bethesda could utilize the platform to sell customization for spaceships, gear for playable characters, and more.

With the possibility of microtransactions, fans are always worried about these add-ons getting in the way of gameplay or potentially introducing pay-to-win mechanics. This seems unlikely for Starfield, but only time will tell how the developer implements them.

Elsewhere, the ESRB rating hints at weapons like futuristic guns, lasers, and axes. As such, fans can look forward to plenty of variety in their arsenal. The rating also points to fast-paced combat.

Starfield will be available on Xbox Series S|X and PC platforms, along with Xbox Game Pass. The game will be released on September 6, marking an important date for both Xbox and Bethesda Game Studios.

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