Starfield: Fans Concerned After Redfall Disappoints

Fans Now Worried About Starfield!

Starfield is Bethesda Game Studios’ most ambitious release since The Elder Scrolls 5 over a decade ago. The game promises large, expansive space exploration combined with the RPG mechanics that fans have come to expect from the developer.

Following Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax Media, Starfield has become the biggest and most anticipated first-party AAA title for Xbox. Similarly, Redfall from Arkane Studios was expected to be another major release to keep fans engaged before Starfield’s release.

However, Redfall has now become Arkane Studios’ worst release, leading to fans being concerned about Starfield.

Why it matters: Microsoft and Xbox have struggled to deliver high-quality AAA games in recent years. Many believe that Microosft has management issues with its studios, which may also affect Starfield.

Starfield May run at 60fps on Xbox Series X|S

Both Starfield and Redfall were initially planned to release in 2022. However, both games were delayed to 2023.

This led to even greater expectations. Last year, Microsoft announced that both Redfall and Starfield would arrive before June 2023. Ony the former met this release date, while Starfield was again delayed to September 6.

While Redfall was not delayed, it launched without a 60FPS mode on consoles and came with active internet connection requirements. Despite these problems, Microsoft and Arkane Studios did not delay the game further, promising future updates after release.

This has led to concerns that Starfield may face similar issues. Many have taken to Twitter to highlight their worries about Microsoft’s next big title.

Fans on other platforms like Reddit are also discussing the situation.

Does Redfall make anyone else concerned about Starfield?
by u/Serulean_Cadence in Starfield

A previous leak hinted that Redfall and Starifled were in a poor state in January. While the leak’s validity remains questionable, Redfall’s launch appears to line up with this information.

Furthermore, Bethesda Game Studios has been known for buggy releases. While the developer’s RPG games are exemplary in various aspects, they have not been the best in terms of polish.

With Redfall’s disappointment, Starfield is under more pressure to perform. Microsoft has not been able to live up to expectations this generation, but Starfield has the potential to turn things around for Xbox in 2023.

However, it is essential that Starfield delivers a standout AAA title for Xbox. Fortunately, Microsoft delaying the game to September may indicate the gaming giant’s confidence in the title.

The extra months before release could be vital in helping with bug fixes and ensuring a  polished release.

Bethesda Game Studios is also a different developer working with a different engine and tools. This should mean that Redfall’s failure does not necessarily point to a similar fate for Starfield, but this has not stopped fans from discussing the game and Microsoft’s AAA releases.

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