Biggest Starfield Update Arrives 17 Jan; Includes Graphical Updates

100 Fixes And Better Graphics Coming Soon!

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  • Bethesda has confirmed Starfield’s most notable update is coming next week.
  • The update will fix over 100 issues and come with other improvements for the game.
  • While the update will be dropped next week on Steam beta, the worldwide release will be announced next month.

Starfield saw a somewhat controversial release last year as the game failed to meet expectations. While the RPG recently won the Most Innovative Gameplay award from Steam, Starfield was bombarded with negative reviews from audiences.

Despite the controversies, it was the most-played RPG last year, beating the GOTY winner, Baldur’s Gate 3. Bethesda is keen to retain this core audience, confirming the game’s biggest update for next week.

Why it matters: Starfield, like various Bethesda games, was not released in the best state, but with the developer’s latest efforts, it could end up as the team’s most polished release by the end of 2024.

While Starfield has already received various fixes and updates, Bethesda teases that the next update will be its most extensive.

The update will fix over 100 bugs and offer improvements like improved textures, lighting, and shadows. Other changes include Sun disk geometry, Planet ring shadows, additional widescreen support, and more.

The complete list of patch notes will be shared next week once the update goes live in Steam beta on 17 January. More information about the official release will be shared at a later date.

With such a promising update around the corner, Starfield could go through major revamps in 2024. In the past, the studio has already teased changes to systems like traversal, promising new ways to travel.


In addition to information about future updates, fans are hoping to learn more about the game’s first expansion, Shattered Space, during the Xbox Developer Direct, which is happening next week on 18 January.

While no details have been announced, Xbox is no stranger to a few surprises. Whatever the case may be, this DLC should be revealed soon since Bethesda is making rapid improvements to the RPG.

2024 is shaping up to be another promising year for Starfield. With over 12 million players, Xbox saw immense success with the release this year, and the massive update coming next week shows its commitment to maintaining this success throughout 2024.

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