Baldur’s Gate 3 Made Over $650 Million on PC Last Year

Starfield Also Impressed With $235 Million!

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  • 2023 was amazing for the PC market as it grew by 18 percent in revenue compared to 2022.
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 was the biggest release of the PC platform last year.
  • Hogwarts Legacy and Starfield finished in second and third place, respectively.

2023 will undoubtedly become one of the best years for the gaming industry. All platforms, whether consoles or PCs, found success last year, with the latter particularly seeing a lot of interest.

The PC market is already bigger than all consoles combined in revenue. Last year, it grew to over $9 billion, an 18 percent year-on-year increase from 2022, thanks to massive releases like Baldur’s Gate 3.

Why it matters: The PC industry has suffered from poor ports and buggy releases this year, so it is interesting to see it growing this rapidly despite the setbacks.

Baldur's Gate 3 Steam
Source: VG Insights

As reported by VG Insights, data gathered from Steam and sources to estimate sales of games released on the platform last year suggests that the market grew by nearly 20%.

Baldur’s Gate 3 led the charts with a revenue of $657 million after it became one of the biggest launches on the platform this year. Hogwarts Legacy followed closely in second place, and Starfield became the third biggest release.

Starfield’s position on the list is surprising since it was launched as a day-one Game Pass title. According to the report, it made $235 million this year, beating out Resident Evil 4, Sons of the Forest, and more.

Top 10 Games By Revenue In 2023

One of the most unexpected hits of the year, Lethal Company, came out as the third biggest release by unit sales. Following are the top 10 PC games of 2023 by revenue:

  • Baldur’s Gate 3
  • Hogwarts Legacy
  • Starfield
  • Resident Evil 4
  • Sons Of The Forest
  • Armored Core 6
  • EA Sports FC 24
  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor
  • Lethal Company
  • Cities Skylines 2

Hogwarts Legacy

Other interesting information from the report includes nearly 14K games launched on Steam last year. Around 930 games made $1 million or more in revenue.

Despite a strong year for PC gaming, the report predicts that the PC industry may decline in 2024. Still, there will be plenty of games for PC gamers to enjoy, even if this is the case.

Heading into 2024, the big live service games should retain their popularity on PC. Meanwhile, games like Final Fantasy 16 will arrive on the platform for the first time, PlayStation will continue releasing more ports, and new tech will push the industry forward. Therefore, the next 11 months hold a lot of promise once again.

Featured Image Credit: Baiisun

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