Star Wars Outlaws Ditching XP And Levels For Progression

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Ubisoft Attempting New Style of Progression!

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  • Massive Entertainment has shared new details on the progression in Star Wars Outlaws.
  • The team states that XP and skill trees aren’t a thing.
  • Instead, the game will focus on quests that reward players with new skills and items.

Massive Entertainment is breaking away from Ubisoft’s traditional formula in multiple ways with Star Wars Outlaws. The studio is trying to avoid the typical open-world bloat, introduce unique wanted mechanics, and leave behind the publisher’s traditional towers.

According to recent information, Star Wars Outlaws also leaves behind level-based XP progression.

Why it matters: This is an interesting feature since many players are fed up with grinding and the traditional XP-based progression loop.

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws Looks Like A Visual Feast

The game will arrive on August 30, and each new piece of information has created more excitement about the title.

The latest preview comes from IGN, which discussed the progression loop with Massive Entertainment. Director Mathias Karlson confirms that the game does not have XP-based unlocks or skills.

However, Star Wars outlaws will strengthen your character through different side quests. Completing missions from Expert NPCs will reward various upgrades, new skills, and more.

This should make progression more dynamic than the typical system of gathering XP and choosing the optimal skills to buy. Moreover, this system will make side quests more meaningful.

You can go on a journey with a character, such as an expert who is going to teach Kay a new skill and give her a new upgrade to her blaster.

-Mathias Karlson

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws Will Deliver Authentic Space Exploration

Star Wars Outlaws is said to focus on quality over quantity. As such, this system should fit right in. If these Expert NPC quests are more than missions that simply net you a new upgrade, the system could change the open world for the better.

Still, it’s too soon to say how well Massive Entertainment’s implementation of the mechanic will work.

The game has led to some skepticism from various journalists and fans so far. However, Massive Entertainment’s latest preview seems to be the most encouraging. With just one month left, fans are hoping the team can stick the landing of this ambitious project.

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