Star Wars Outlaws Offers GTA-Like Wanted Mechanic With 6 Levels

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The Empire Takes The Place of Cops!

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  • Ubisoft’s Star Wars Outlaws features a detailed crime system.
  • This is portrayed through the Empire’s forces, which chase the players.
  • The game features six levels of severity, with the enemies becoming more threatening at each new level.

Star Wars Outlaws continues to look more exciting with each new detail. Following various impressive gameplay previews and a recent teaser at Summer Game Fest, more exciting details about the open world have surfaced.

According to an interview, Ubisoft is introducing a GTA-like crime system to the world of Star Wars.

Why it matters: Very few games feature such systems, and GTA is perhaps the best to do it. Therefore, taking inspiration from this franchise sounds like a good idea.

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As Ubisoft prepares for the August 30 release date, creative director Julian Gerighty states that the Empire is seamlessly integrated into the world of Star Wars Outlaws.

This is done through an intricate crime system. When players do something illegal, the Empire is alerted, which has outposts in four locations, and troops are sent to catch them.

If you kill the troops, the severity of the crime increases, and the Empire sends death troopers and many more formidable forces to defeat you. The game’s director directly compared the game’s crime system with GTA.

Players will find six levels of severity in Star Wars Outlaws, much like GTA’s star system.

Think the police in Grand Theft Auto. If you start being seen doing crimes, that will start getting them to chase you. If you take them out, then it gets worse.

-Julian Gerighty

It should be interesting to see the GTA concept in a Star Wars game. Since fans have grown fond of GTA’s police system, and it has become a staple of the IP, it will be interesting to see how it plays out in a Ubisoft-style open world.

The crime mechanic should also add much-needed variety to Star Wars Outlaws since Ubisoft’s traditional open-world is no longer as appealing. Elsewhere, Massive Entertainment is getting rid of towers to add further variety.

Star Wars Outlaws
Star Wars Outlaws Features An Expansive Map

Overall, this system can enhance the moment-to-moment open-world gameplay. It will also add weight to each decision since players will face consequences for going overboard.

Star Wars Outlaws is set to receive more gameplay tomorrow. With Ubisoft Forward scheduled to go live soon, perhaps fans will see this mechanic in action ahead of August release.

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