Phantom Blade Zero Main Story Lasts About 30-40 Hours

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Multiplayer Also Confirmed!

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  • Phantom Blade Zero has been impressing us all with its amazing visuals and captivating gameplay so far.
  • It has now been revealed that the game’s main story will be 30-40 hours long and feature multiplayer.
  • Development of the project started in 2022, so a release window of 2025 or 2026 is expected.

Phantom Blade Zero has quickly become one of our most anticipated titles following its gameplay reveal at Summer Game Fest. Leaked gameplay footage further revealed intense boss fights and multiple abilities, adding to the excitement.

But Phantom Blade Zero continues to impress. It has now been revealed that the main story will be 30-40 hours long.

Why it matters: Phantom Blade Zero has been ticking all the right boxes to become a standout title in the gaming industry. If executed properly, it could propel its developer to new heights.

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This information was revealed on Phantom Blade Zero’s official Discord server during a Q&A session hosted by the developer, as reported by mp1st. The game is also said to feature a multiplayer mode.

The 30-40 hour length is for the main story alone, and it has been confirmed that there will be many side quests to enjoy as well. Upon completing the story, players will have access to a wealth of endgame content, including multiplayer dungeons, boss rushes, rogue-like abysses, and more.

This length is almost twice that of Black Myth: Wukong, which is said to offer around 15 hours of gameplay. This means that completionists will need significantly more time to complete the game.

The developer also revealed that the combat shown was captured in-engine and is real, though a more cinematic camera was used for the trailer footage. During the actual gameplay, the combat will be much clearer but slightly less impactful to reduce dizziness.

Phantom Blade Zero
Phantom Blade Zero Might Be The Next Big Souls-Like Title

During the Q&A, the team also confirmed the availability of combo chains, which were recently seen in the leaked gameplay footage.

Moreover, the game will not be a typical open-world but will include some open-world elements, such as multiple paths and the ability to use a horse to travel from point A to point B.

However, not everything will be smooth sailing. The team stated that the game’s actual development started in early 2022. This means that it could eventually be released in 2025 or 2026.

Still, if Phantom Blade Zero can deliver on its promises, the wait will be worth it. For now, hands-on impressions have been quite promising, with more playable demos coming at ChinaJoy, Gamescom, and more.

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