Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Devs Refused To Delay The Game Beyond April

Pushed For Early Release Despite Technical Issues!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has received excellent critical reception, but the PC port has become a nightmare for the developers and the gaming industry.

While many believed the game’s problems could be attributed to time constraints, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor had the option for more development time. However, the Director refused to delay the game further. 

Why it matters: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has suffered from technical issues on consoles, and especially on PC. It shows problems like a CPU bottleneck, stuttering, and poor frame rates on PC.


Two months earlier, the Director, Stig Asmussen, was interviewed by IGN. He was asked about the decision for the April 28 release date. For the unfamiliar, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor saw a six-week delay before launch.

Stig Asmussen replied:

“I was asked how much time and I said six weeks. That was exactly April 28.”

He further revealed that EA allowed the Director to contemplate a longer delay. However, he felt that more time was not needed and six weeks would be enough to bring the game up to par for release. He said:

“There was an option to extend it a little bit longer, but it’s like, no, we can get it done in six weeks.”

Stig Asmussen also stated that Respawn Entertainment looked at other games to decide the final release date. Nonetheless, the Director was confident with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor being ready for launch in April.

Unfortunately, after the game’s release, the team faced criticism due to the optimization of the PC port. However, EA has apologized, and the developers are now releasing patches to address the issues.

We have seen this trend of broken games at launch multiple times before. Recent games have utilized future patches to improve technical problems seen at launch. But if Respawn Entertainment had availed the option of a longer delay, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may have launched in a better state on all platforms.

With all the criticism, the game appears to have left a bad impression on many players. Fans can only hope that future patches will fix the title and allow it to shine beyond its technical problems.

Would the delay have solved the game’s problems? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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