Spyro 4 Reportedly In The Works From Crash Bandicoot Developer

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Partnering With Xbox For Spyro 4!

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  • A reliable insider states Spyro 4 is being worked on.
  • Developer Toys For Bob is leading the project with Microsoft.
  • The game has just begun development in January 2024.

Fans of platformers have seen many classic IPs making a comeback recently. The likes of Crash have found new relevance in the modern age, and Spyro seems to be on the verge of a comeback.

Following the Activision Blizzard merger, both IPs fall under Microsoft’s control. Fortunately, it seems Microsoft and developer Toys For Bob have come together to create Spyro 4.

Why it matters: A new Spyro game was already teased in Toys For Bob’s Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.

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This information comes from reliable insider Candian Guy Eh, who has become famous for his reports on the beloved IPs.

Spyro 4 is in development.

-Canadian Guy Eh

According to his latest scoop, Toys For Bob began development of Spyro 4 earlier this year. Not too long ago, Toys For Bob confirmed it would go independent, but reports stated it would remain a Microsoft partner for its first game after the shift.

Canadian Guy Eh has spilled the beans on a Spyro revival following these rumors. He claims to have heard rumblings of a new entry for some time, but his sources were reluctant to confirm the details.

With Activision previously expressing intentions to revisit older franchises, it comes as no surprise that Spyro is high up on the list.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy
The Reignited Trilogy Is Perfect For Spyro Newcomers

The franchise received remakes in 2018, marking a major return to the industry. Since then, demand has always existed among the fandom for more Spyro content, and it seems Toys For Bob is keen to deliver.

For the unaware, this series found its footing on PlayStation as a franchise from Insomniac Games. While this studio currently has its hands full with Spider-Man and all things Marvel, Spyro seems to be on track to live on.

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