Sony Is Supporting Gamers’ Lawsuit Against Activision Blizzard

Shared Documents To Help Gamers' Lawsuit!

Since the start of the Activision Blizzard deal, Microsoft has been facing hurdle after hurdle from regulators like FTC and rivals like Sony. This deal has been difficult for the past year, but the gaming giant is not likely to let it go after so much time and effort.

Microsoft has already been facing enough problems regarding the deal, but despite that, a group of gamers decided to block the Activision Blizzard deal by suing Microsoft. They believed that Microsoft would gain too much power over iconic game franchises.

However, this lawsuit was later dismissed, but the gamers have now begun to file an amended lawsuit in an attempt to block the deal. They served subpoenas and document requests from companies like Nintendo, Nvidia, and Sony to help with the case.

Following the subpoena, Sony is supporting the gamer’s lawsuit as it provided the documents while Nintendo refused. This was shocking for Microsoft. The document states:

“Sony made a second production of material to Plaintiffs on March 17, 2023.”

After being given the right to amend, the gamers filed a 73-page complaint. Moreover, the plaintiffs also requested Activision Blizzard, Nintendo, Sony, and Nvidia for supporting documents, but it seems only Sony provided the information.

It has already been made clear that Sony wants to stop the merger. Previously, SIE CEO Jim Ryan stated:

“I don’t want a new call of duty deal, I just want to block your merger.”

Sony has previously made the case against the merger, using Redfall as an example of exclusivity from the company. The gaming giant also believes the CMA’s deduction that the merger will not harm the console market is irrational.

Nonetheless, the merger is close to reaching its conclusion. With regulators like the CMA approaching their final decisions, the fate of Activision Blizzard will soon be clear for both Sony and Microsoft.

Do you think Sony is being rational here? Let’s discuss this in the comments.

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