Sony Raising Prices of Steam Games In Argentina and Turkey Regions

Prices Nearly Doubled In Argentina Due To Regional Abuse!

In Argentina and Turkey, Sony has started to raise game prices like the other major publishers. The first two games are Days Gone and Hell Drivers.

Still, it is most likely that the rest of the publishers under the PlayStation PC LLC catalog will increase its price in both countries due to regional price abuse, which continued to be a big problem on the platform and affected the Argentines and Turks.

Days Gone Price History

Days Gone’s price in Argentina increased from ARS 4,199 to ARS 8,499. A significant difference of ARS 4,873.25 (almost double) with the country’s 75% taxes on purchases made in foreign currency. Though on some websites like Green Man Gaming, Days Gone is still available at the previous Argentine price of ARS 4,199, including taxes.

According to SteamDB, the price of HELLDIVERS: Dive Harder Edition has increased from ARS 224.99 to ARS 439.99 plus tax. Meanwhile, in Turkey, it went from ₺59.99 to ₺89.99.

The HELLDIVERS price is not yet reflected in the Steam store, but it will undoubtedly take effect tomorrow (take advantage of buying it with the current price).

With this recent precedent (applied a few hours ago), all Sony games on Steam may increase in price. If you were in doubt about buying one or not, do not wait for its price to jump dramatically as it did in the case of Days Gone or Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 Remake, which went from costing ARS 4,850 to ARS 12,958.

What are your thoughts on Sony’s new price hike in Argentina and Turkey regions? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Sajjad Hussain
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