Sifu is a contemporary 3D martial arts game set in China, in which players assume the character of an unidentified, brilliant martial artist on a mission for vengeance against those who murdered their father and the perpetrators’ old instructor. Thanks to an ancient talisman, the martial artist also has the ability to rise from the dead. On the other hand, the talisman aged the martial artist each time they were restored. Along with the generally excellent reviews, the game was a financial success for the smaller firm, with over a million units sold in the first month of release. 

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PlayStation has already made a strong showing with the release of heavy-hitter exclusives such as Horizon Forbidden West and Gran Turismo 7. However, the martial arts-action game Sifu from French developer Sloclap has proven to be a surprise smash to start the year, with mostly excellent reviews and significant sales on PS4 and PS5. Sloclap appears to have no plans to slow down, and a fresh job offering suggests that he is already working on a new game. 

The most recent job advertisements on Sloclap’s official website appear to imply that the company is ready to begin work on its next game if it hasn’t already or something entirely different. A new 3D animation designer is one of the positions available at the company, who will join a team of 50 people working on a new 3D action game. The job description includes standard criteria for this sort of position, such as game and level design experience, but it also asks for a candidate’s interest in martial arts. The martial arts interest implies that it could be successor to Sifu or it’s expansion.

Sloclap’s job posting suggests a few possibilities for the studio’s upcoming game. The first, and for some gamers, most apparent, the option is that its next game will be a sequel to Sifu. Given Sifu’s success, Sloclap would be wise to strike while the iron is hot and continue the story of the game’s unidentified martial artist. 

It’s also likely that Sloclap is developing a brand-new game, one that builds on the success of Sifu. Or all of this could be completely invalid, and they might be working on a DLC for the already present Sifu game. We know that the development team of Sloclap consists of just 50 members. We also heard from the studio itself that they are working for an expansion on their current Sifu game. So, it is very obvious that a team of 50 wouldn’t be able to work on 2 projects simultaneously. Therefore, all this might be just for the expansion project.

However, all these are just speculations, and we have nothing on the topic except for the certain job listing. Therefore, it is yet to be seen what we get through an official announcement or more information from Sloclap. Stay tuned for that.  

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