Naughty Dog has made some of the finest games of the last two generations; games like Uncharted and The Last Of Us have been considered masterpieces by critics and fans worldwide. The studio’s previous release was almost two years ago, and the developer has been silent ever since.

However, we could have some information about the next game being worked on by the developer. We had previously reported on the possibility of Guerrilla Games working on an online shooter. We believe that Naughty Dog could also be working on something similar. In line with Sony’s plan to have more than 10 new live service games by March 2026 to break into this market. The recent acquisition of Haven Studios and Bungie earlier this year for $3.6 billion is also part of this push by Sony.

A few months back, Naughty Dog developer Kurt Margenau tweeted about job listings for the development of a new game.

The tweet shows that the positions are open for level designers, environment designers at the senior level, etc. Furthermore, Multiplayer is also mentioned more than once in the tweet, hinting at a possible multiplayer project. While the listing could be about the multiplayer mode for The Last of Us 2, it could also hint at something brand new for the studio.

A recent tweet from Zuby_Tech also adds to this speculation.

As the tweet shows, a Call Of Duty developer has joined the team as a producer. Call Of Duty is well known for its fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay. The multiplayer component of the games is also based on small, intricately designed maps, or “levels”. Adding the two pieces of information together, a much-awaited Multiplayer shooter from Naughty Dog in the future doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

As with any rumor or leak, it would be wise to take this news with a grain of salt. Naughty Dog has not made any official announcements about their future endeavors. However, we already know that Sony is keen on producing more live service games. They have already announced that they plan on making 10 live service games to make up for their lack of multiplayer offerings. It would be unsurprising then, that their biggest first part developer is also a part of this effort.

The prospect of a brand new multiplayer game from the minds behind some of the best games ever is undoubtedly exciting. While Naughty Dog isn’t wholly unfamiliar with multiplayer games, single-player has usually been their primary focus in the past. The possibilities are endless, and perhaps the developer could bring a new and innovative take on the multiplayer shooter genre. We are certainly looking forward to whatever comes next and will keep you updated on the news as events unfold.

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