XPG stands for Xtreme Performance Gear. XPG is an enthusiast gaming brand from ADATA focusing on eSports, PC Enthusiasts, and gamers. XPG family of products includes PC Systems including desktop and laptops, Memory Modules, Solid State Drives, PSUs, PC Chassis, Cooling solutions, RGB Accessories. Gaming peripherals include gaming mouse, keyboards, and headsets. XPG is committed to bringing excellence in its products with reliability, durability, and performance in focus. Their designs have won several IF Design and GOOD Design awards.

Want to take your RGB show to the next level? XPG has got you covered. They have released ARGB cable extensions for 24-pin ATX cable and PEG/VGA cables. These cables are made of optical fiber sleeving (for lighting effect) using 16 AWG pure copper strand cables (for power). The actual power extensions are in the white color. Cables are compatible with ASUS AURA SYNC, GIGABYTE RGB FUSION READY, MSI MYSTIC LIGHT SYNC, and ASRock RGB SYNC

Here are the salient features of the keyboard:

  • Stunning ARGB lighting effect
  • Support control software from major motherboard makers
  • 24 pin MB connector/6+2 pin VGA cables
  • ARGB lighting controller with 8 effects
  • Patented ultra-dense optical fiber sleeving
Item Name Price Manufacturer
Prime ARGB Extension Cable -MB Rs. 8199 XPG
Prime ARGB Extension Cable – VGA Rs. 6299



Packaging and Unboxing

The extension cables are shipped inside a paperboard box which is finished in XPG standard red and black color theme.

Salient features of the extension cables are printed on the top. There is a picture of the light-up cables in the center showing exactly what this product is all about.

The illustration shows the simple connectivity of these extension cables. One end of these is connected to the PSU’s 24-pin ATX/8-pin VGA/PEG cables and the other end is connected to the motherboard/graphics card’s power headers.

Scan the label for more information about the extension cables on the XPG website. Serial No stickers are pasted on the boxes. Removing them will void the 2 years warranty.

The top view of the boxes.

I love the presentation from XPG. The picture is showing the XPG-Prime ARGB extension Cable for the motherboard. A similar presentation has been provided on the VGA extension cables. 10/10 to the XPG for this presentation.


The following are included in the VGA extension cable box:

  • 2x 6+2-pin ARGB Extension Cables
  • 1x Warranty Guide
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Sticker Sheet

The following are included in the Motherboard extension cable box:

  • 1x 24-pin ARGB Extension Cable
  • 1x ARG Controller
  • 1x Warranty Guide
  • 1x Quick Start Guide
  • 1x Lighting Guide
  • 1x Sticker Sheet

Closer Look

Let’s take a closer look at both cables.

PRIME for Motherboard

The overall dimension of the extension cable is 222×64.2x15mm (LxWxH). The concept is simple. We have a 16 AWG extension cable which is overlapped by the optical sleeved cables. These optical sleeve cables have ARGB LEDs in them. The optical fiber sleeves are in translucent white color for some vivid lighting show. Following is the LED information on this cable:

LED ARGB LED 1.5×1.5×0.65mm, LED-ICR001
Voltage +5VDC
Current 0.54A ± 5%
Luminance 100 nits + 20%
Color Index 80
No of LEDs 36


We have a total of 36 ARGB LEDs on a single 24-pin ARGB Extension Cable. The fiber optical sleeve has 150mm ± 10mm length.

We have a frame on top of a 24-pin ATX connector, housing the ARGB LEDs. It has a glossy finish as well as matte finish on the same side with XPG branding on the matter side. A single cable is coming out of this housing. This side of the connector is connected to the PSU’s 24-pin power cable.

Let’s take a look at the underside of the extension cable. We can spot white color mesh sleeved cables. These cables have a thickness of 16 AWG and feature pure copper strands to reduce resistance hence increasing the efficiency. The white color sleeve aids in the translucent white color optical fiber sleeves for some vivid and evenly dispersed lighting. The connector shown on the right end side of the extension cable is connected to the motherboard’s 24-pin ATX header.

We have combs on the ARGB LED housing. The power cables are routed through these combs. Since these cables are already trained in a curve design, these combs help to keep up the shape of the extension cables as well as hiding the individual power sleeve cable under the optical fiber sleeve. The PCB can be accessed by removing three screws on the underside of the housing.

The ARGB power cable coming out of the extension cable has dual connectors. One is a 3-pin male connector and the other is a 3-pin female connector. The user can daisy chains the motherboard ARGB extension cable with the VGA ARGB extension cables for the synced lighting effect. The cable is flat and has a length of 69cm+10cm.

XPG has bundled an ARGB controller with the XPG PRIME ARGB Extension Cable for the motherboard. Please, note that PRIME ARGB Extension Cable for the VGA does not have an ARGB Controller. The controller has a small footprint. There are two buttons to control the lighting effect. The mode button will toggle among the pre-defined 8x lighting modes. The speed button controls the speed of the dynamic modes.

The controller is SATA powered and has another 3-pin connector for the connectivity. The length of the cable is 100cm which is plentiful.

Times ARGB Lighting Mode Speed Level (Change Color in a Single Color Mode)
1 Single Color Speed 1 [Red]
2 Rainbow Shift Speed 2 [Green]
3 Rainbow Breathing Speed 3 [Blue]
4 Double Lines Shift Speed 4 [Purple]
5 Five Lines Shift Speed 5 [Yellow]
6 Color Stack (One Side) Speed 6 [Cool white]
7 Color Stack (Both Sides) Speed 7 [Orange]
8 Bouncing Stack (Both Sides) Speed 8 [NV Green]



The overall dimension for the VGA ARGB extension cable is 222x28x15mm. XPG has bundled two 8-pin extension cables in a single pack. This should cover the majority of the graphics cards in the market except for the 3000 series cards requiring triple 8-pin connectors or other beefy cards. These cables have the same design outfit is on the ARGB extension cable for the motherboard.

Following is the LED information on this cable:

LED ARGB LED 1.5×1.5×0.65mm, LED-ICR001
Voltage +5VDC
Current 0.18A ± 5%
Luminance 100 nits + 20%
Color Index 80
No of LEDs 12 * 2


The optical fiber sleeve has a length of 150mm ± 10mm.

We have the same inner white color sleeves on the power cables. The right side connector shown in the picture is to be connected to the 6+2 pin PEG cable from the PSU. The other end goes to the graphics card.

Small size housing can be seen in the picture with XPG branding on it. 3-pin ARGBN cable is coming out of this housing. The cable is flat and has a length of 69cm+10cm.

Much like what we have seen on the motherboard ARGB extension cable, the ARGB extension cable for the VGA also has dual connectors on the power cable. Each connector has a 3-pin definition.

The lighting show on these cables is stunning, to say the least. Sure one is paying bucks for this killer show but it would not disappoint the user. Here are some pictures:



XPG has some good news for the RGB lovers as their PRIME cables would take the game to the next level by using RGB show on the motherboard’s 24-pin ATX and graphics card’s PEG cables. These cables are called ARGB Extension Cables. The actual power delivery is done using 16 AWG pure copper strand cable for reduced resistance and better efficiency. For the lighting show, the XPG has used dense optical fiber sleeves in translucent white color.

These cables are using 5VDC and they are supposed to be connected to the digital lighting headers of the motherboards (using 5VDC). Don’t connect these cables to 12V lighting headers as doing so kill the LEDs. The Motherboard ARGB Extension Cable has 36 ARGB LEDs on it whereas a single VGE ARGB Extension Cable has 12 such LEDs. The motherboard PRIME cable comes with a dedicated controller as well whereas the VGA cables don’t have a dedicated controller. This makes some sense as the buyer would probably buy both types of cables rather than going for a single set. This is why the motherboard extension cable has a controller in it. Both cables can be daisy-chained and connected to the single controller so why waste money on another controller which would probably be left in the box unused.

These cables are compatible with:

  • ASRock RGB LED

We have more cables to deal with here but the lighting effect on these looks dope in person. It is not overly done and diffusion is even and vivid. I love the presentation of the cables when unboxed.

The XPG PRIME ARGB Extension Cable – MB is listed at Rs.8199 whereas the XPG PRIME ARGB Extension Cable – VGA is listed at Rs.6299. The beefy price tag for some beefy light show! These cables come with 2 years warranty period.

Build Quality:     9.5

Lighting:               9.5

Design:                 9.0

Build Quality
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