Respawn Reportedly Returning To Titanfall Universe For Next Game

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Long-Awaited Titanfall Comeback!

Story Highlights
  • Respawn is reportedly working on an original IP that is set in the Titanfall universe.
  • The new report opens grounds for Respawn to further develop the Titanlfall IP.
  • However, the game might not be a replacement for Titanfall 3.

Eight years after Titanfall 2 first landed, people have been longing for a third installment in the series.

While Respawn Entertainment has been quite adamant about remaining tight-lipped, focusing on other projects instead, a new report from Jeff Grubb hints that the studio has something in development for fans of the Titanfall universe.

Why it matters: The Titanfall franchise is full of potential for new stories, gameplay ideas, and spin-offs. 

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A new report suggests that Respawn’s new game is set in the Titanfall universe. Jeff Grubb, while talking in the Game Mess Mornings podcast, revealed the studio’s plans for developing an original IP.

According to Grubb, Steve Fukuda, who was responsible for the two Titanfall games, is the man behind this project as well. After the recent wave of layoffs at EA, the game’s future seemed unclear, but it has survived the wildfire.

The game as it stands today, as far as I understand it, is a Titanfall game.

-Jeff Grubb

The recent layoffs also led to the cancellation of a first-person Mandalorian game that was leaked last month. Following the layoffs, Fukuda’s team seems to be progressing well and is expected to expand soon, as per the source.

However, Grubb remains unsure about Respawn’s plans to expand the universe without Titanfall 3.

Titanfall 3
Titanfall Arguably Delivered The Best Mech Combat Experience

It is also important to note that Apex Legends is technically a part of the Titanfall franchise in terms of lore and gameplay. In fact, Apex Legends was initially built on many of the same gameplay systems as Titanfall 2.

The recent cancellation of the Mandalorian game, while unfortunate, has presented Respawn an opportunity to expand the Titanfall IP. Some recent teasers also suggested that the foundation has been laid in motion.

With the IP being left in the dark for many years, hopes are still high for Titanfall 3. It remains to be seen whether this new project will resemble Titanfall in any way, but Respawn’s expertise gives fans plenty of reason to look forward to whatever comes next.

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