Resident Evil 4 Remake Comes With 4 DRMs On PC

One DRM Was Not Enough!

Resident Evil 4 Remake has already sold 4 million units, and it became the best-selling US game in March. It was also the most downloaded PS5 game in March, highlighting the remake’s success. 

Despite its popularity, many PC users have been disappointed with Capcom’s inclusion of Denuvo DRM. A recent discovery has only added to this disappointment, revealing Resident Evil 4 Remake comes with 4 DRMs.

Why it matters: Denuvo is infamous for causing performance issues on PC. The DRM technology has been used in various games, and its removal has often shown notable performance uplifts.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

It has been reported by Dsogaming that Resident Evil 4 Remake comes with 4 DRMs. This discovery was made after Empress cracked the game.

Capcom used 4 different DRMs, including Denuvo SecureDLC V2, Denuvo V18, VMProtect, and its own Anti-Tamper tech. This highlights that the company took anti-piracy measures very seriously, even if it led to a loss in performance for PC users.

Resident Evil 4 Remake received positive reviews from critics and fans. However, it also saw criticism for poor performance on PC, with issues like crashing and more. A few users pointed to Denuvo as the culprit behind these problems.

Capcom has also been known to remove Denuvo from its games eventually. Recently, Denuvo was removed from Resident Evil Village over 700 days after its initial launch. As such, waiting might be a valid option for those looking to avoid DRM technology.

Do you think using 4 DRMs was a wise option? Did the DRM cause any notable issues in your playthrough?

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