Randy Orton Paid $1,000 For leveling Up His Elden Ring Character

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WWE Superstar Struggled In Elden Ring!

FromSoftware is known for two things above all. Extreme levels of difficulty and a high quality. These elements ensured Elden Ring won Game of The Year in 2022 and appealed to all types of gaming fans, even a WWE superstar like Randy Orton.

However, the WWE superstar was not fond of the leveling system in Elden Ring and decided to pay someone $1000 to level him up in Elden Ring.

Why it matters: It is truly remarkable to witness a man who has emerged victorious against some of the biggest and most formidable WWE champions struggling to overcome Elden Ring, requiring the assistance of another to succeed.

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In a recent broadcast from The Insiderz, WWE tag team pair Brennan Williams and Mansoor Al-Shehail revealed that Randy Orton was a massive fan of FromSoftware’s challenging games.

Moreover, the pair revealed that Randy Orton dislikes the loop of grinding for levels, spending hours to strengthen the playable character. This encouraged the WWE superstar to pay someone $1000. Randy Orton said:

“Yeah, it’s fucking hard. I paid a guy $1000 bucks to give me infinite runs so I could Level up to 100 right away.”

FromSoftware’s games are famous for bringing the most skilled gamers to their knees. Therefore, it is not surprising that even Randy Orton felt challenged enough to seek assistance in the game.

However, this instance proves that FromSoftware’s games have much more to offer than just a formidable challenge. Despite being put off by the difficulty, Randy Orton wanted to play the game due to its other strengths.

It should be noted that players can also rely on co-op partners should they find themselves in a tough spot. A famous Elden Ring player, Let Me Solo Her, also became a legend in the community through his dedication to helping players beat up Malenia. 

Elden Ring will also receive DLC support soon, encouraging Randy Orton and other fans to revisit the game for another memorable adventure.

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