AMD Finally Admits Bug In Radeon Drivers Corrupting Windows

AMD Finally Acknowledge Bug In Drivers Corrupting Windows!

AMD Adrenalin Edition 23.2.1 drivers released to support the next-Gen Radeon RX 7900 series graphics cards have a bug that caused problems in PCs and AYENO consoles which users have been reporting for over a month now; still, AMD never acknowledged that such a problem exists.

Now AMD admitted this is an extremely rare Radeon driver bug. AMD believes the problem may lie in updating the GPU drivers and other system updates.

AMD further concluded users should not use the Factory Reset option (which completely flushes the driver settings) while installing the AMD drivers. As this “feature” is considered the root of the problem. However, most users had no problem after using the Factory reset option. 

On the portable consoles, it limited access to the GPU’s VRAM memory to just 512 MB of capacity. On the other hand, PC crashes, error messages, and a change in the system boot drive were mentioned. This last error made it impossible to start the system automatically.

Specifically, it was indicated that these drivers could alter the BIOS settings to modify the boot options giving an ” inaccessible boot drive ” error. This has caused AMD to speak publicly about an issue to classify it as “extremely rare.

The tweet above shows that users who have experienced the bug may need to reinstall their operating system it is because Windows can get corrupted. 

Foreign website PCWorld approached AMD, and they finally admitted the issue by saying it took them dozens of attempts to recreate the problem in their labs due to its extreme rarity;

“We have reproduced an issue that can occur in an extremely small number of instances if a PC update occurs during the installation of AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition, and we are actively investigating.

We recommend users ensure all system updates are applied or paused before installing the driver, and that the “Factory Reset” option is unchecked during the AMD driver installation process.

We are committed to resolve issues as quickly as possible and strongly encourage users to submit issues with AMD Software: Adrenalin Edition via the Bug Report Tool.”

This is the last resort in case you are not an advanced user and start doing software cleanups and BIOS tweaks. So a fresh operating system installation is a faster solution to reconfigure the boot drive and eliminate the driver and software problems.

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