PS5 Pro Reportedly Offers Economical & Easy Upgrade Path For Devs

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Devs Can Benefit From PS5 Pro Without Much Effort!

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  • A veteran developer states modern Sony is very developer-focused.
  • He believes the PS5 Pro is designed to offer developers an easy and affordable way to upgrade their games.
  • This means that PS5 Pro will not need extra attention from most developers.

An upcoming piece of hardware for game developers to think about is the PS5 Pro console, which is soon to be released. Rumored specs hint at up to 50% more capable hardware, but Sony has now supposedly made it easier for developers to apply updates.

Why it matters: Since game development is more intensive than ever today, accessible upgrades for PS5 Pro hardware could lead to higher utilization industry-wide.

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According to a veteran developer with experience on IPs like The Elder Scrolls, the PS5 Pro was created to make it easier for developers to incorporate enhancements into already-produced titles.

The developer, who was a guest on the Broken Silicon podcast, clarified that the hardware won’t be significantly more powerful than the current model, but this decision was made in line with developer demands.

He states that Sony is keen on listening to developers and bases its hardware around their requests. Since the games presently under development have already received funding, programming them for significantly more powerful hardware could have posed a challenge.

The challenges would likely be related to budgeting and time constraints. However, Sony’s decision to keep the PS5 Pro a modest upgrade means that the enhancements will be very economical for studios.

They(Sony) make hardware that wants to do it(upgrades) in an economical manner.


The developer pointed to ray tracing, higher bandwidth, and more GPU capabilities within a similar architecture that will enable Sony to reach this goal. He also stated that the CPU staying mostly the same was a smart decision to preserve compatibility.

The PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution upscaling technology has been designed with a similar goal, offering an upscaling solution that could become popular for all teams as they become accustomed to it.

Overall, while the PS5 Pro might not be the biggest upgrade, its balanced approach should make it appealing to developers and consumers.

It may not be able to double frame rates or play games at native 4K 60FPS, but the console will serve to bridge the gap until the industry awaits the new technology of the PS6 and the next Xbox console.

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