Sony Believes PS5 Has Several Advantages Over PC Due To Ease of Use

"PC Requires Time & Money"

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  • Sony believes the accessibility of the PS5 is a major advantage over PC gaming.
  • The gaming giant states that building a PC requires time and money.
  • Exclusive content is also an important asset to console gaming.

The PS5 is this generation’s home console to buy. With over 46.6 million units out in the wild, this console is continuing PlayStation’s dominance in the gaming industry.

However, the competition is quite fierce in 2023. Not only are Xbox and Nintendo offering incredible experiences on their platforms, but the PC platform has also grown exponentially in recent years.

Addressing the competition from PC in particular, Sony recently claimed that the PS5 has various properties that give it an edge over this platform.

Why it matters: The competition between console and PC gaming will never end, but Sony explains consoles have their place in the industry despite falling behind in terms of hardware.

PlayStation Project Q-Lite Portal handheld Streaming Device PS5

During a recent interview with Nikkei, Hideaki Nishino from SIE was asked about his thoughts on the PC gaming industry.

He acknowledged that while building a PC can be rewarding, it comes with its own set of quirks. On the other hand, the PS5 is a simpler platform meant for all types of gamers. This accessibility gives it an advantage over the PS5, and Hideaki Nishino explained:

“A dedicated console allows any player to enjoy games of the same technical level right out of the box.”

He added that building a custom PC requires time and money. Therefore, this gives the console platforms an advantage.

With the new wave of current-gen-only titles, system requirements for PC games have shot up drastically. Therefore, gamers looking to switch to the platform require quite a bit more money than the typical MSRP of the PS5.

This leads to other benefits, like access to mods, backward compatibility for multiple generations, free online gameplay, and more. However, Sony is happy to rely on its own advantages to bring people to the console ecosystem.

The PS5 also benefits from exclusive content. The highly-rated Spider-Man 2 was released for the PS5 as an exclusive not too long ago, and GTA 6 is expected to skip PC at release.

Sony PS5 PlayStation 5

We believe each platform has its own benefits and drawbacks. Still, ease of access is a big selling point for consoles, making them appealing to millions across the globe.

Sony has been quick to use the advantages of the PS5 for its benefit. The console is on track to sell over 100 million units by the end of its lifetime, with the upcoming holidays expected to bring a massive sales boost to conclude 2023 on a high note for PlayStation.

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