Project 007 From Hitman Dev Features First-Person Gameplay, Hints Job Ad

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Building on The Legacy of GoldenEye 007!

Story Highlights
  • IO Interactive is working on Project 007, a James Bond origin story.
  • We spotted a job listing for the game that suggests it will feature first-person gameplay and combat.
  • Since the listing asks for both first-person and third-person experience, the game may alternate between the two perspectives.

IO Interactive, best known for its work on the Hitman series, is currently busy with a new project involving James Bond. First announced in 2020, Project 007 is set to explore the roots of this iconic character.

Not much is known about this game, but it will be created using the team’s in-house Glacier 2 engine. Prior job listings suggested it would feature third-person gameplay, but we have found a new job ad that suggests first-person gameplay will also be part of Project 007.

IO Interactive is currently hiring for multiple positions for this James Bond game. However, one of the requirements for the Senior Level Designer (Combat) is experience with first-person combat.

Project 007 Job Listing
Source: IO Interactive Senior Level Designer (Combat) Job Listing

The job listing requires:

 “Expertise in crafting levels for third-person (or first-person) action-adventure games.”

While this job listing mentions third-person gameplay, this was already expected to be a core element of the game from prior job listings, as stated earlier. However, the decision to highlight first-person combat, in particular, is notable.

If the job listing is any hint, the game might feature both first and third-person gameplay segments. Recently, MachineGames’ Indiana Jones has taken a similar approach, offering fans of both perspectives something to enjoy, even if the game leans into one more heavily than the other.

IO Interactive is also no stranger to first-person gameplay. Most recently, the studio’s work on Hitman 3 VR showed a glimpse of first-person gameplay. In the past, Hitman games like Blood Money also came with this option.

Let’s also not forget that Goldeneye 007, perhaps James Bond’s most iconic gaming adaptation, was a first-person game several decades ago. Therefore, first-person gameplay for Project 007 is not as strange as it may have seemed at first.

Project 007

Like Indiana Jones, this approach might help IO Interactive set its game apart from the crowd, offering a unique blend of mayhem as one of the most recognizable secret agents in all of entertainment.

Recently, IO Interactive also offered a small update on this game. While it may not be too far along in development, the studio states that development is going well, and the current state of this project looks ‘very cool.’

Meanwhile, the developer’s latest release, Hitman 3, celebrated its third anniversary not too long ago. This game might be worth a revisit or a first playthrough for those looking to familiarize themselves with IO Interactive and its Hitman World of Assassination trilogy.

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