Hitman 3 Concluded Agent 47’s Modern Trilogy Three Years Ago

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Remains One Of The Best Stealth Games To Date!

Story Highlights
  • Hitman 3 is the most commercially successful game from IO Interactive.
  • It marked the final entry of the Hitman: World of Assassination trilogy and was released three years ago.
  • The game is still worth playing if you missed out on it.

The modern Hitman trilogy offers a one-of-a-kind experience for stealth fanatics. Focusing on freedom and the strategy of planning out key assassinations, this trilogy was concluded by Hitman 3 in 2021.

Often considered the shining gem of the trilogy and IO Interactive’s best work, the game is over three years old at this point. While it was released in 2021, Hitman 3 remains a game worth playing for fans of the stealth genre.

Why it matters: Alongside franchises like Metal Gear Solid and Thief, Hitman is considered one of the genre’s most iconic IPs.

Hitman 3

Hitman 3 follows a similar narrative structure as its predecessor. Tasked with various assassination targets, Agen 47 must travel to various locations throughout the world.

However, the game’s sandbox was its most impressive element. Players were free to approach combat as they wished, with pacifist runs also possible, barring the main targets.

Each mission offered different disguises, weapons, and routes to accomplish the end goal. The stealth sandbox of Hitman was at its best in this entry, highlighting the lessons learned from prior games.

This entry introduced six new locations, taking players through Berlin, Dubai, Dartmoor, Chongqing, and more. These locations presented varied atmospheres and charm, captured through the game’s breathtaking lighting and visuals.

Hitman 3 also placed a greater emphasis on the narrative. Unlike past games, the third entry’s missions were connected, boasting a bigger impact on the story. Assassinating targets also left lasting consequences, making missions more interesting.

This was something missing from the first two games. With such innovations and more, IO Interactive ended up meeting the high expectations of fans, delivering one of the best stealth games to date.

Hitman 3

While all three Hitman games from IO Interactive were largely successful, Hitman 3 became the trilogy’s most successful entry.

With a budget of around $23 million, it made around 300% of this budget. Overall, this trilogy could not have ended on a better note, leaving fans content with Agent 47’s latest outing.

Following the success of this title, IO Interactive supported it for a year, releasing updates that included new features, game modes, and even a new location.

The developers rebranded Hitman 3 as Hitman: World of Assassination last year, bundling the content of the first two games from the trilogy for free in addition to the Freelancer mode.

IO Interactive is now working on a James Bond game, adapting the character’s origin story into an exciting game.

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