Console gaming has been a big placeholder in the gaming industry since early when older consoles like Nintendo Wii and GameBoy were launched. The introduction of PlayStation and Xbox sent sparks through the gaming industry as they could accomplish things that other consoles could never do. Of course, this dates back to more than 20 years as the current generations of Xbox and PlayStation are more powerful than ever before.

But console gaming, in general, could be quite expensive as you have to buy the games in most scenarios, unlike PCs where there are multiple titles on sales and sometimes free too. Microsoft is very observative of this fact, and in 2017 they launched their Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox games pass was revolutionary for the time as it provided us with a handful of triple-A titles along with others at a very mere cost and for a whole month until you renewed your subscription. With time the library of games on Game pass has increased significantly, and it is also available for PC. 

Gamepass games collection
Game Pass

Something like an Xbox Game Pass was expected from Sony for their PlayStation, but Microsoft won the race and launched their version. PS Plus is available for PlayStation users, but it doesn’t even replicate half of what Xbox Game Pass does. Since the PlayStation 5 launch, fans have to speculate about a PlayStation version of the Game Pass, but Sony has announced nothing.

However, there has been a twist in the tail. A couple of days ago, Microsoft published an interview among two of their executives, Sarah Bond and Phil Spencer. The interview talked about how Gamepass has been a huge success and other facts and figures about their consoles and content. But there was one statement from Sarah that stood out in particular. She said:

‘Subscriptions (Gamepass) has lowered the barrier for entry and created a whole new market and love for games and gaming experiences that otherwise wouldn’t have existed. It’s one of the reasons why I’m excited to see gaming become a bigger part of our industry: we have our subscriptions, Sony’s announced theirs, and I anticipate other platforms are going to do the same because it’s so, so good for both developers and players.’ (Sarah Bond)

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The statement feels completely normal till the part where she specifically says, ‘Sony’s announced their’s which is definitely not the case as there has been no announcement of this sort from Sony’s end. However, this should be taken into account that we have been hearing rumours about project Spartacus as reported by Jason Schreier quite a few times in the past months. Sarah, being very close in the industry and Microsoft knowing their competitors must’ve known what they are talking about, and maybe they have insight on Sony’s plans that we don’t have. 

This has given rise to various speculations if Sony will really be launching a Game Pass for the PlayStation or the interview was just a slip of the tongue. For this, we have to wait for the leaks or if Sony officially announces something. Until then, we are geared up if Sony is to launch their Xbox Game Pass equivalent. This will be great news for gamers, and we are genuinely excited for any announcements in the future and will keep an eye out for it. 

As to how the PlayStation Game Pass will be compared to Xbox Game Pass, we can’t say anything in that regard. However, it is to be noted that currently, PS plus is all the company has and seems like it is here to stay for a long time; therefore, the Game Pass could be a little farther away than expected. Of course, there is no confirmation about anything, and we’ll have to wait and see how everything unfolds in the future. 

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