PlayStation Reportedly Views Bungie Acquisition As A Failure

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PlayStation Wants To Recoup Losses After Acquisition!

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  • PlayStation is reportedly upset with Bungie.
  • Sources claim the gaming giant finds this acquisition to be a wasted purchase.
  • At this rate, Sony may take over the studio and restructure its management any day.

Bungie is one of the most celebrated developers in the industry. Most famous for its work on Halo and Destiny, this studio has masterfully crafted two humongous first-person shooter IPs.

However, the developer has recently struggled with layoffs. Despite claiming to have found Bungie more valuable than a potential Activision Blizzard merger, Sony seems to no longer be happy with this team, with reports stating that Bungie is now considered a failed purchase.

Why it matters: Sony paid $3.6 billion for Bungie, making it the gaming giant’s most expensive purchase in recent memory.

YouTube video

The report comes from Aztecross, a Destiny content creator with nearly 1 million YouTube subscribers. Aztecross has been a part of the community for many years, so his sources are expected to be reliable.

According to an email he received, PlayStation believes this buyout was a complete failure. The corporation has now shifted focus to recouping its losses since it struggled with its own layoffs last month.

The report suggests Sony is unhappy with Bungie’s leadership, holding them responsible for the poor performance of Destiny 2 recently. Following Lightfall, the game has been losing players, adding to PlayStation’s dismay.

It is important to note that Bungie operates independently following the acquisition. However, the current situation is so dire that a takeover from Sony appears inevitable.

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 Has Been Supported For Many Years

According to the source, PlayStation intends to steer Destiny 2 in a different direction, making it more profitable.

However, Japanese Sony executives have also shown interest in the studio. The report warns that if this part of Sony ends up calling the shots, Bungie could go through restructuring and fundamental changes.

Overall, Bungie is stuck in a hard place. The gaming giant’s morale took a major hit recently, and Destiny 2 is no longer living up to expectations. However, with the team teasing Destiny 3 and working on Marathon, a small ray of hope remains.

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