Destiny 3 Hinted At By Bungie In Latest Survey

New Destiny Game Coming Up!

The Destiny franchise has seen several years of expansions and live-service support. Destiny 2 saw its latest expansion just a few months ago with Lightfall, and even more, content is planned up to 2024.

However, a new survey from Bungie hints at the developer’s plans to move on and potentially release Destiny 3 in the future.

Why it matters: A new release could allow Bungie to utilize a new engine and make full use of the current-gen consoles. It would also eliminate some of the entry barriers with Destiny 2, allowing more players to join the series.

Destiny 3 Bungie Survey
Source: Thegamespost

As seen above, Bungie asks players if they would be interested in a new Destiny title. While the survey does not directly point to a fully-fledged sequel, it is highly likely that this is what Bungie is inquiring about.

Both Destiny games have seen several years of live-service support. However, Destiny 2 has suffered from issues like sunsetting due to the constantly expanding list of weapons, armor, and locations added to the game.

Destiny 3 could fix this issue with the developer planning for such situations. Going by Destiny’s history, a new entry will also likely receive the same post-launch support Bungie has become famous for.

On the other hand, the Destiny franchise is big enough to warrant a spin-off. The developer could be looking to expand into different genres, similar to franchises like The Elder Scrolls, which have their own MMOs.

While nothing about Destiny 3 has been confirmed, fans have already begun to speculate about the potential for a new title. Meanwhile, rumors have also suggested that Bungie is currently working on another new IP, hinting that the developer has a promising future ahead.

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