Nvidia ACE Demo Outlines Realistic AI Driven Digital Humans For Games

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The Next Big Evolution For Video Game NPCs!

Story Highlights
  • Nvidia has partnered with Inworld for another look at ACE.
  • The Covert Protocol demo shows realistic NPC interactions with Inworld’s AI engine.
  • Combining Nvidia ACE with this engine, players can carry out dynamic conversations with NPCs.

Nvidia just wrapped up its GTC 2024 keynote yesterday, unveiling a new world of possibilities through generative AI and its collaborations with various companies.

In addition to the groundbreaking Blackwell reveal, the company highlighted various implementations of AI. Among those, it returned with a new look at ACE( Avatar Cloud Engine), partnering with Inworld for the Covert Protocol demo.

This demo shows NPCs realistically interacting with the players, reacting with natural responses based on the situation and prompts.

Why it matters: This is just the beginning for Nvidia ACE, and it may eventually turn into the platform of choice for life-like NPCs in the future.

YouTube video

Inworld is currently creating its own SDK(Software Development Kit) based on Nvidia ACE. Technologies like ASR(Automatic Speech Recognition) and Audio2Face are incorporated in the SDK thanks to ACE.

Inworld boasts the leading AI game engine, with the company famous for its work on multi-model AI agents, narratives, and worlds. Covert Protocol promises to use this technology for an experience unique to each player.

The NPCs shown in the demo react much like a human would in a natural conversation. Covert Protocol simulates a detective-style scenario where players have to question various characters for clues and to solve mysteries.

These conversions go beyond the typical scripted nature of most games since the NPCs can carry out nuanced conversations as they learn and adapt using generative AI models. Nvidia helps these systems evolve further.

The ACE technology is used for enhanced speech recognition and animation. As Nvidia states, it can help deploy customized conversation and animation models into various games and software.

YouTube video

Another example of Audio2Face is shown in this brief clip from the upcoming MMORPG World of Jade Dynasty. Audio2Face is also useful for real-time video conferencing, where it can help translate audio from one language to another.

Following the GTC keynote, it is evident that Nvidia is no longer limited to games. Its AI applications are much broader, with these technologies making their way into areas like healthcare, general computing, and more.

However, as these tools evolve, the gaming industry will continue to benefit from them in more ways than one.

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