The PlayStation 2 Changed Gaming Forever 23 Years Ago

Greatest Console Of All Time?

The PlayStation 2 remains the best-selling console in the industry, and for good reason. Considered an iconic console to this day, it was first released in North America 23 years ago on 26 October.

Why it matters: While Sony found incredible success with the first PlayStation, it was this console that gave it the influence and reputation seen today.

PlayStation 2

Sony faced significant hurdles leading up to the PS2 launch. In Japan, there were concerns about potential military uses of the console’s technology, leading to resistance from the government.

Meanwhile, Sony struggled with production issues, misjudged demand, and sold each unit at a loss. They had to rely on software sales for profit. In retrospect, the PS2’s initial stumble pales compared to its monumental success.

Sony had already established itself as a major player in the console market following the success of the original PlayStation. This success came as a result of factors such as securing top Japanese developers and introducing innovative hardware like dual analog sticks.

Sony continued this theme for its next-generation console in 2000. The PlayStation 2 was a marvel of its time, vastly outperforming its predecessor with better hardware. It introduced a game-changing feature – backward compatibility – letting players enjoy their favorite PS1 titles with upgraded graphics.

Sony’s wide-ranging knowledge across industries gave it a massive advantage. The addition of a DVD-ROM drive at a decent price made DVDs accessible. Many non-gamers chose the PlayStation 2 just for this feature, seeing it as a smart investment.

Moreover, including internet connectivity was a forward-thinking move. At the heart of the PS2’s power was the “Emotion Engine,” a chip that delivered outstanding performance, making it stand out from other consoles of its era.

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During its impressive run, the PlayStation 2 gifted us a range of gaming masterpieces. Titles like Grand Theft Auto 3 led a new revolution for open worlds on this platform, while others like Metal Gear Solid 3 redefined stealth-action games.

Such games mean that Sony had firmly established itself as the leader of this generation not too long after the console was released. It was on the PS2 that iconic IPs like God of War, Devil May Cry, Kingdom Hearts, and Guitar Hero began.

The PlayStation 2 holds the record for the most consoles sold to date, with a whopping 158 million units sold globally. Its influence on the gaming world is undeniable, a tribute to Sony’s innovation and the lasting passion of players worldwide.

Despite the PlayStation 5 selling over 41.7 million units to date, modern consoles can rarely hope to achieve such figures today. For all of these reasons, the PlayStation 2 is Sony’s biggest achievement in the industry.

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