Phil Spencer Seemingly Gave Up On Skull and Bones In 2 Minutes

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Might Have Returned To Sea of Thieves!

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  • Ubisoft’s Skull and Bones failed in terms of general reception and reviews.
  • Xbox CEO Phil Spencer does not appear to be a fan of the game either, as he seems to have ditched it after 2 minutes of playtime.
  • It seems that Skull and Bones doesn’t have the longevity Ubisoft wanted.

Ubisoft’s foray into AAAA gaming has led to mixed results, with several games labeled as quadruple A failing to meet the high expectations associated with such a classification.

Skull and Bones serves as the most recent illustration of this trend, as a game that spent over a decade in development only to disappoint upon release. It now appears that Xbox CEO Phil Spencer wasn’t a fan of the game either.

Why it matters: Despite his status as a CEO, Phil Spencer is quite enthusiastic about games and enjoys various genres.

Phil Spencer Xbox Account - Skull and Bones
Phil Spencer Xbox Account Image via Icon-era

Phil Spencer’s Xbox account stats indicate that he only played Skull and Bones for 2 minutes before logging off.

It appears that Phil Spencer’s brief encounter with the game was enough for him to form a judgment. Because of the reception it has received thus far, Phil Spencer might have been pushed away in favor of a different game.

Given the limited time a CEO like Phil Spencer has for gaming, his decision to avoid Skull and Bones raises doubts about the longevity of the game. It would not be surprising if the executive chose to play Sea of Thieves instead.

On the other hand, it is also possible that he intends to return to the game at a later date. However, nearly three weeks after its release, the CEO has not made much time for this live-service spin-off based on Assassin’s Creed 4.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft remains steadfast in its position, asserting that Skull and Bones attained record player engagement.

Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones Could Be A Major Blow To Ubisoft

The publisher’s statement contradicts the overall reception of the game, with many expressing that it fails to justify its $70 price tag.

Additionally, a Ubisoft developer remarked that the game was worth no more than $30-$40. It also received a sharp price cut by 30% recently, bringing it closer to this price point.

Like Phil Spencer, general audiences do not appear too interested in Skull and Bones. With reports of the game failing to hit 1 million players, Ubisoft might end up with a financial failure on its hands without a plan to address the situation.

However, with a full roadmap already planned out, there is still a chance of a comeback.

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