Fans Believe Skull and Bones Is Not Worth $70 Asking Price

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Fans Waiting For Sale Following Recent Open Beta!

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  • Skull and Bones spent nearly 11 years in development.
  • Despite Ubisoft’s claims, fans believe the game doesn’t justify its price tag.
  • Many believe that the game would’ve been released as a free-to-play title if the studio hadn’t spent this much time on development.

Skull and Bones has been in development for over a decade, with the developers starting work on the game in 2013. Since then, it has seen countless delays due to development issues and a lack of vision.

The game is finally releasing in the next few days, but an open beta just ended yesterday. It motivated us to revisit Assassin’s Creed 4, and most players agree that the game doesn’t seem worth the $70 asking price.

Why it matters: Skull and Bones received over 20 trailers since its initial reveal. Despite audiences seemingly losing interest, Ubisoft is still pitching the game as a major release.

The Cost Of Entry Will Kill This Game
byu/Accomplished-Month85 inSkullAndBonesGame

Skull and Bones is the first $70 title from Ubisoft, and the CEO recently claimed that the game is fully fledged and will justify its price. However, this may not be the case, as fans aren’t happy with the game’s price.

One fan who played the beta version made a thread on Reddit, stating that while he doesn’t hate the game, he thinks it doesn’t justify its price.

I could see it finding an audience, but at full price with the inclusion of a cash shop? I feel like this won’t gain much traction.


He emphasized that Ubisoft may be looking to recoup development costs with this decision. The game had a budget of at least $120 million, making it a massive investment for Ubisoft, even if the final product looks disappointing.

Many fans are stating that the title doesn’t offer anything special; its quests are extremely basic, and the open world is far from remarkable. The map does not offer much to explore, but fans have found the combat enjoyable.

Others have also claimed that they have already switched back to Sid Meyer’s Pirates. They hope to see a sequel or remake of this pirate game since Skull and Bones fails to live up to expectations.

It appears that Ubisoft’s latest release might not be able to find much success after an underwhelming open beta. However, if the game joins subscription services and goes through steep discounts, it might eventually establish a decent player base.

Skull And Bones Featured
Skull And Bones Is Right Around The Corner

Fans are already waiting for the game to go on sale. Under a separate Reddit post, some claim they will buy the game after a few months.

I like the game but not for $70, I’ll buy it when it goes on sale in 3 months.


This response sums up Skull and Bones the best.

Nobody hates it outright, but the game fails to live up to the premium $70 AAA price. Ubisoft claims the game offers AAAA production values, but the open beta did not convince fans.

Still, Ubisoft hopes Skull and Bones will offer enough longevity to stay relevant in the highly competitive and saturated live service market. With the release just a few days away, we will soon find out if the publisher’s confidence was well placed.

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